Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Profit Taking

Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Profit Taking

Better Trader Academy – Dynamic Profit Taking

Exits are an ESSENTIAL part of trading.

Exit a trade too early and you could leave a lot of money on the table. Exit too late, and it could cost you dearly too.

Yet, many traders do NOT properly understand exits.

In fact, it’s costing most traders a ton of missed profits and they don’t even realize it!

The solution to static, outdated, unintelligent exit techniques is the “Dynamic Profit Taking” workshop, where you’ll discover the proprietary Q.P.R. exit framework that dynamically decides the best exit setup for your trade based on specific market behaviours.

So, your exits can become more efficient, give you more money from your trades, and with better consistency.

Stop leaving profits on the table!

The “Dynamic Profit Taking” workshop will show you exactly how to exit weak trades early and make more money by staying in winners longer!

In this brand-new workshop, you’ll discover exclusive techniques to extract more profits from your trades by automatically adjusting exits in real-time based on specific market clues.

What You’ll Learn In Dynamic Profit Taking

  • 38 proprietary “Qualifier” techniques,
  • 32 proprietary “ Dynamic Profit-Takers”,
  • ​4 “Exit Responders”,
  • ​Quickly create a brand new generation of breakout strategies using the “DPT Smart Code”.

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