The Daytrading Room – Options Trading Business

The Daytrading Room – Options Trading Business

The Daytrading Room – Options Trading Business

Markets Go Up, Markets Go Down, Markets Go Sideways.

Don’t Know Where They Are Headed? This Program Allows You to PROFIT In All Markets.

Want An Almost Risk Free Way to Make a Six Figure Income in the Stock Market?

If you’re like most people

  • Your investments are probably earning you little to nothing
  • Your dreams of retirement are getting further and further away due to your 401K or IRA’s poor poor returns
  • You’re getting near zero rate of return

If this sounds like you, please read on

Our goal is to educate and empower and help your profit using a low risk, high return strategy to make MONTHLY INCOME

Now you have have just read that and said to yourself “Options are way too complicated for me” or “The last time I tried options I failed”. Don’t worry, we’ve been in your shoes. That’s why our mission was clear, to educate and empower and to teach people options in an easy to understand manner.

This isn’t like most courses where you read about some basic definitions, look at some generic charts and are expected to perform miracles…NO, this course shows you LIVE how to decisions are being made and what points to monitor. The video course breaks it down like a business.

Options Basics

I’d like to make sure you understand what options are. This step is more tailored towards those that don’t know, if you already know, great you’re already ahead. Let’s say you are interested in purchasing a house. The house is selling for $100K, but you don’t have $100K, so you go to the owner and say I would like a contract with an option to purchase your home. In exchange for this contract I will give you $100 for the right to purchase your home for $100K after 30 days. If I decide not to purchase you (the owner of the house) gets to keep the $100.

So this is an option. By paying $100 you have the right, not the obligation to buy the home at $100K. Lets say after the contract news comes out that there is a oil beneath the home, which causes it’s value to shoot up to $1,000,000. You as the contract buyer would have the right to purchase the home for the agreed upon $100K and the owner of the home would be obligated to sell it to you at the $100K price point.

What’s So Great About Options?

Each option contract is worth 100 shares of a stock. Let’s say you had a hot tip that company xyz’s stock ($10) was going to jump 100% next week. You decide to act on the hot tip. You have two ways of going about this action on company xyz. The first option would be to purchase 100 shares of xyz’s stock at $1000. The second option would be to purchase a contract to buy company xyz at $20 and pay a premium of $100.

Let’s go over both these options in detail.

First the outright purchase of 100 shares at $1000.

This would require $1000 of capital.

What would happen if company xyz reported fraud or horrible earnings, which sent to the stock from $10 to $1?

You would be out $900.

What would happen if company xyz reported great earnings and your tip was right? You would have made $1000. The only

down side is that $1000 of capital was tied up.

Second option would be to purchase a contract.

This would require $100 in capital

Same scenario company xyz reported fraud of horrible earnings.

You would have lost only $100.

Same scenario company xyz reported great earnings and your tip was right. You would have made $900. $1000 profit – $100 premium paid.

Now you may see this and say I should have gone with just purchasing the stock since I made more profit, but did you really?

On $1000 you made $1000 or 100% return. However, on $100 you made $900, a 900% return. You also didn’t tie up capital, which could have

been used on another hot stock tip.

Is this extra protection worth it? Of course it is. You can’t be right 100% of the time.

Options allow you to leverage your money and at the same time make safe bets.

You get unlimited profit potential… five-figure monthly incomes are realistically within reach!

You can easily limit your risk and make losses virtually nonexistent!

You get the ability to profit whether the market is falling or rising (In fact, smart investors can make oodles of cash even during a market crash!)

You can quickly change your strategy mid-stream, to actually make money off a losing trade!

You can easily diversify your portfolio… options are readily available on stocks, indexes, futures and currencies.

So If This System Is So Great Why Am I Sharing It With You?

First, competition is good in options. The market is enormous. The more traders there are the more liquid stocks become. Not only that, but the more money you can make.

Second, I have enjoyed utilizing these strategies for many many years. This is me giving back to the trader community. I enjoy seeing people change their lives and improve not only their condition, but their families.

Third, teaching has become my passion. We can all get caught up in the day to day of staring at charts, but when you can see that someone learned from your wisdom and applied it to their personal portfolio and succeeded I get a special feeling knowing this.

What You’ll Learn In Options Trading Business

You will get a total of 12 modules. Each one contains several ‘hands-on’ videos. Look over my shoulder and follow along as I walk you step-by-step through each topic.

Module 1: Introduction To Trading As A Business

Description: This section introduces you to a new way of trading options — as a business. Emphasis is on risk management and building a portfolio of trades that can be managed strictly ‘by the numbers’.

Module 2: Introduction To Trade Types and Analysis

Description: This module includes a brief overview of buying and selling options using vertical spreads, double vertical spreads, bull call spreads, straddles, calendars, double calendars, and iron condors. It also includes a discussion of time value, intrinsic value, extrinsic value, and in-the-money (ITM), at-the-money (ATM), and out-of-the-money (OTM) options. In addition you’ll learn how to setup and use the thinkorswim platform to analyze your trades.

Module 3: The Greeks – Managing By The Numbers

Description: The ‘Greeks’ play a critical role in your trading business. They are the numbers you’ll use to manage your portfolio profitably.

In this module, you’ll gain an understanding of exactly what the Greeks are and, exactly how they impact your business. This section includes a video and a comprehensive, yet easy to read 5 page CONFIDENTIAL REPORT on how to profit from “The Greeks”.

Module 4: Trade Selection And Strategy

Description: In this module you’ll learn how to determine which positions to put on and precisely when and how to put them on. You’ll also learn what charts, if any, really matter, and we’ll take a look at the big picture behind what we’re doing.

Module 5: Portfolio Building

Description: You’ll discover how to build a portfolio by putting on positions that work together. This is where many traders go wrong – they put on individual positions and do not understand how they affect their overall portfolio.

Module 6: Using The TOS Platform – The Tools Of The Trade

Description: ThinkorSwim (TOS), is in my opinion, the best broker and has the best trading platform available. If you had to pay separately for the types of analysis tools they give you as an account holder, it would cost you hundreds of dollars a month in fees – with TOS they’re totally free.

Module 7: Portfolio Management By The Greeks, Adjustments, VIX and More…

Description: Now that you’ve built your portfolio, your key to success is to manage it by the numbers. You learned the Greeks, now it’s time to put them into action. When you’ve completed this section you’ll be able to look at the numbers and quickly determine what they mean and what to do with them, if anything.

Module 8: The Art Of Adjustments – The Secret Key

Description: What happens when your numbers don’t look good? This is where 99% of all traders get killed… they have no clue what to do when a position goes against them. So they just take the loss.

It’s too bad because most trades can be saved. They can be made profitable by adjusting… Imagine making one small change to your position and increasing your odds of making a profit by 80%! That’s what adjusting can do for you!

Adjustments are the missing link in option trading that almost no one teaches.

Module 9: Closing Positions

Description: Discover how and when to close your positions for maximum profits… The risks of holding positions into expiration week… When and how to ‘buy’ short-term insurance to protect your profits… How to close positions and get free trades left over — that have a chance of DOUBLING your profits.

Module 10: The Big Picture – Technical Analysis

Description: Part 1 – In this section you’ll find out which key analysis tools are critical in helping you determine the probabilities of market direction. We’ll discuss why the market moves up and down in a seemingly random fashion, and you’ll get a historical perspective on market movements going back to 1900.

You’ll end up with a realistic plan of attack for determining future market direction based on factual evidence.

In Part 2, you’ll learn about short-term indicators that can help you to better time your trades. And you’ll discover an indicator that predicts short-term and opening market direction with an amazing degree of accuracy. It’s right nearly 95% of the time!

Module 11: Advanced Techniques And Explosive Wealth Building Strategies

Description: This should actually be titled as a bonus section. It not only contains the most powerful options strategies on the planet, it also introduces you to a couple of Super High-Powered stock trading strategies.

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