Ready Set Crypto – Futures Trading MasterClass

Ready Set Crypto – Futures Trading MasterClass

Ready Set Crypto – Futures Trading MasterClass

Tired of dealing with the Crypto Bear Market? Want to learn to fight back? There is a wave of new vendor offerings in the crypto space that will allow you to trade up OR down in whatever timeframe fits your lifestyle. These instruments are known as Futures Contracts and have been used by the professional trader for decades. Now they’re available to the crypto trader, and with every new offering the choice gets better and better.

But don’t go it alone. Doc has been trading Futures Contracts in different markets for the past 15 years, and can help you avoid the landmines in any new trading space. Learn how to create a trading system from scratch and run it like a business. Better yet, this style of trading can be done during whatever time period fits your own schedule.

This is a 10 +”N” module class, delivered online with each module having a written PDF guide, an HD video in clear 60FPS, plus an online quiz to test your knowledge at each step of the way. Each video is delivered in HD through our online portal, expandable to full screen and/or mobile-ready. The “N” represents the number of vendors that we’ll do individual modules on, and will include vendors like BitMEX, TDAmeritrade, PrimeXBT, BexPlus, OKex, etc….plus any additional major offering coming down the road.

What You’ll Learn In Futures Trading MasterClass

  • Module One: What Are Futures
  • Module Two: How To Profit
  • Module Three: Building Trading Framework
  • Module Four: Trading Niche
  • Module Five: Fractal Strategy
  • Module Six: Risk Management
  • Module Seven: Adjusting To Volatility
  • Module:Eight A: TDACBOE
  • Module Eight B: Prime XBTV 2
  • Module Eight D: Deribi
  • Module Eight E: Digitex Futures Exchange
  • Module Nine: Trading Mindset
  • Module Ten: Futures Masterclass Summary

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