Problem Prospecting Online Programme

Problem Prospecting Online Programme

Problem Prospecting Online Programme

Welcome to the Problem Prospecting Online Programme

In 2020, we wrote a book with the key objective of providing a tactical and practical handbook for sales people to eradicate their prospecting problems. The book became a number one bestseller, purchased by thousands. Hundreds of reviews followed telling us how the book had helped them become top tier pipeline builders.

Three years later, we’re still in the trenches prospecting every day and we continue to learn and improve our craft – we decided the next logical step was to build an online programme and here it is…

Why should you invest?

  • Getting the attention of your target buyers is getting harder and harder. More than 50% of sellers fail to hit their quota. One of the main reasons is that they fail to generate sufficient pipeline. Their prospecting lets them down.
  • The gap in a lot of sales training, books, and other online content is that they tell you aspirational stories of success or outdated tactics which many feel are completely irrelevant to what they sell and who they sell to. So most sellers are left to connect the dots themselves.
  • A lot of guidance on prospecting is highly theory based, but lacks real life examples of things that have actually worked, which sellers can tailor to their own company. Sellers are left wondering whether it’s all just hot air.
  • Many sellers don’t get sufficient training on prospecting, or their company lacks the expertise to keep their teams upskilled on top of funnel tactics/methods. They are left to ‘figure it out’ for themselves or to make countless mistakes before they start getting results.

The Solution:

The Problem Prospecting Online programme delivers a step-by-step, bite sized learning experience for the modern day prospector to sharpen up their outreach skills.

Much like our book, the programme aims to deliver simplified, easy to understand, highly practical guidance, along with real-life examples. But with three years of learnings added in since we wrote the book.

What You’ll Learn In Problem Prospecting Online Programme

Course One: Leading with Problems when Prospecting

  • Learn why your current pitch to prospects is leading you to getting shut down before you even get started.
  • Learn how to craft a highly compelling problem centric pitch which will get your prospects hungry to speak with you
  • Create your own problem centric pitch which you can start using in your prospecting efforts straight away.

Course Two: How to Cold Call like a Pro

  • Learn the number one thing holding you back from being successful at cold calling along with other common mistakes you may be making.
  • A step-by-step framework for running great cold calls to lower your prospect’s resistance and to help you get more prospects wanting to keep speaking with you
  • Tips and tricks around handling objections, leaving voicemails and a lot more.

Course Three: How to Write Effective Emails That Get Responses

  • Learn the common mistakes you may be making which is leading to your emails being ignored by prospects
  • Understand an easy to scale framework for crafting effective emails which make your prospects read and respond.
  • Access a selection of tried and tested real email examples for you to tailor for your own use

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