Dan Sheridan – All Weather Butterfly Program

Dan Sheridan – All Weather Butterfly Program

Dan Sheridan – All Weather Butterfly Program

What you can expect to learn from our new short course: The All Weather Butterfly Program.

Class Description:

We are excited to launch our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! This Video is the “All Weather Butterfly“. Butterflies are an effective strategy for Weekly Income, with proper Risk Management techniques. Traditionally, we have used Balanced Butterflies for more Downside Trending Markets and Unbalanced Butterflies for more Upside Trending Markets. The problem for retail traders is what type of Butterfly do you enter when VIX is at different price levels. Dan Sheridan has tackled this problem, and has created a program to be able to trade Butterflies in any Volatility environment.

He has never seen this done before. Dan will also give you the well thought out Risk Management techniques to apply, that have separated Sheridan Mentoring from most Educators in the Options Trading Industry. In addition, Dan will share his very specific guidelines on when to trade and what capital allocation to employ on any given Trading Day. Take advantage of this new and very practical On Demand Course to help you be more consistent and confident in your Option Trading in 2023.

As with all our courses, you will have a dedicated Class Page with the Videos and Power Point Slides which you will have access to. The most important thing on the student Class Page in my opinion, is the Q and A Button you can click on to Ask questions about the Class Material. This way, you get the teaching, and also the ability to ask Dan questions if you don’t understand something!

What You’ll Learn In All Weather Butterfly Program

  • Dan’s Six-Step Approach to the All-Weather Butterfly Program
  • VIX Considerations
  • All-Weather Butterfly Risk Management Plan with Adjustments!
  • And Much More!

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