Jay Bailey – Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive

Jay Bailey – Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive

Jay Bailey – Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive

What you can expect to learn from our new short course: Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive.

Class Description:

We are excited to continue in our new On Demand Video Series, which will take a “Deep Dive” into many of our most Popular and Successful Option Strategies! Our next release is the “The Vega Modified Butterfly”. Jay Bailey, veteran Options trader and long time Mentor at Sheridan Options Mentoring, has developed a new On Demand Deep Dive Class. This class addresses a specific problem in OptionsTrading: How to address the Volatility risk in Butterfly Strategies. Butterflies are often used by Traders who want Weekly Income using a range bound strategy.

Jay has developed a Program with battle tested guidelines to help effectively trade Butterflies and hedge your Volatility risk. Jay is joined by one of his Mentoring students Mark, who has employed this Hedged Strategy with large capital and good success for quite some time. Join Jay and Mark in this On Demand Class, as they share this Vega Hedge Strategy with you!

What You’ll Learn In Vega Modified Butterfly a Deep Dive

  • What is my volatility environment?
  • Avoiding “directional” volatility trading
  • Adjusting the butterfly for the IV environment – Butterfly Setup and Adjustments
  • Trade Guidelines
  • Downside adjustments for large moves

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