SMT FX Trading

SMT FX Trading

The trading course content has been designed around the fact SMCs popularity has made the concept very exposed to being liquidated.

Whilst most SMC traders are focused on looking at so called ‘Retail Traders’ we’re patiently waiting for most ‘SMC Traders’ to be liquidated before we take a trade!

Below are the topics we cover, with the sole purpose of understanding where most SMC traders are rushing into the markets

Liquidity Concepts Simplified

With SMC becoming more and more popular over the years, we have seen how this has brought on more difficulties with navigating the markets and selecting the correct zones. This has largely contributed to most SMC traders becoming liquidity.

With this in mind, we have created a method that not only looks at typical retail patterns as liquidity, but we’re also looking at the majority of SMC traders as liquidity.

What You’ll Learn In SMT FX Trading

  • Day Trading
  • Fundamentals
  • Higher time frame series
  • Intro to institutional concepts
  • Short Term Trading

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