Tao of Trading – Options Academy Elevate

Tao of Trading – Options Academy Elevate

Tao of Trading – Options Academy Elevate

Learn to build abundant wealth in ANY market condition!

Have you ever dreamed of having a new income stream?

Maybe you’d like to start your own business?

A recession-proof business!

A business where you are the boss. Where you don’t have to hire any staff. And where you can work from home with minimal set-up costs.

Or maybe you just want a side-hustle? Something you can work on for an hour or less per day? A job you can never get sacked from.

Or maybe you’re looking for a business you can run during your retirement? A business that’s fun, stimulating and will keep you learning every day.

The perfect business opportunity to get involved in RIGHT NOW is trading!

You see, the financial markets are the number one place on earth for anyone wanting to create extra income or grow their wealth.

The benefits of trading are almost too numerous to mention. As a trader, you won’t have a boss telling you what to do. You won’t have to ask somebody else’s permission to take a lunch break or have a day off.

You won’t have to hire any staff either. Your start-up costs will be tiny compared with almost any other business venture you might consider.

Trading is enormously empowering. It offers you the potential for both incredible prosperity AND incredible freedom! Imagine having the financial abundance you desire AND the time to enjoy it!

Options Academy is an online learning portal designed to teach aspiring traders how to generate consistent cash flow from the stock market regardless of whether the market is rising, falling…or crashing!

We are seeing unprecedented opportunities in financial markets. There has never been a better time than right now to get started!

What You’ll Learn In Options Academy Elevate

Technical Analysis

Learn how to read price, trends and learn how we use a few common technical indicators in uncommon ways, to help pinpoint trading opportunities.

The Bounce 2.0 Setup

My favourite trend-following setup is broken down for you in great detail. This high probability setup is easy to spot when you know how.

Volatility Expansion Setup

Learn to identify periods when a stock goes quiet and is storing up energy for a BIG move. Some explosive profits come from these setups!

Explosive Earnings Setup

Four times a year, US listed companies report earnings. You’ll learn a high-probability setup that takes advantage of earnings season.

Risk Management

The best setups in the world are useless without professional risk management. Here you will learn to control risk to ensure your long term trading success.

Trading Psychology & Mindset

You will learn the path to become a relaxed, consistent, happy trader. Lack of the proper mindset is why success eludes so many traders.

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