Bill Williams – Profitunity Private Lessons

Bill Williams – Profitunity Private Lessons

Bill Williams – Profitunity Private Lessons

Williams offers a unique and complete package for the trader. The combination of technical and psychological methods provides a firm footing from which to start trading. You’ll have a trading plan that covers all the markets, spread trading and options. Further, the ongoing fax support is a key feature.

The techniques, though, are not meant to be mechanical. While you will come away with a set of rules, they are meant to be the groundwork for your personal developmeant as a trader. You want to reach a point where your understanding of the tools and the market reaches a level at which you know when to follow the rules and when to ignore them. In addition, there are times when a market is simply trading sideways and you will suffer drawdowns.

A mature trader knows all this, accepts all this and deals with it. This is key to Williams’ work. He wants you to develop a perspective toward trading where winning is the path of least resistance and losses are simply a part ot it. Losses aren’t fun, but they aren’t the end of the world, either. By keeping the proper perspective and using

What You’ll Learn In Profitunity Private Lessons:

  • Learn not only how TO trade WELL but most important – how YOU trade WELL
  • Learn the cutting edge of market research.
  • Learn the Fractal of the Elliott wave.
  • Plan your Future Trading Strategies
  • Receive Psychological Facilitation
  • Understand the mechanics of the Alligator
  • Learn how to implement the Wiseman Indicators in today’s markets.

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