Dave Landry – Swing Trading for a Living

Dave Landry – Swing Trading for a Living

Dave Landry – Swing Trading for a Living

Dear Fellow Trader,

My name is Dave Landry and for nearly the past decade, I’ve made my living focusing on the sweet spot of the market… 2- to 10-day short-term momentum moves.

In my just-released video course, I will teach you everything I know and use to successfully swing trade the markets. Included in my course are a handful of never-before-revealed strategies, including my special market-timing method I call the “Landry Close-Count System.” This system, when triggered, has accurately predicted the direction of the stock market just under 90% of the time, over the past decade.

The money managers and professional trading clients who I advise each day (in addition to my own trading), know the value of the knowledge taught in this course.

My course is laid out to give you a complete overview of how you should go about attacking the markets every day, for the rest of your life. With me in this course is Larry Connors. Throughout the course, Larry probes my mind–just as you would if you were sitting beside me. Get ready for an in-depth learning experience!

What will you learn in Swing Trading for a Living?

Market Timing

Markets move stocks, not vice versa! Correctly predict the direction of the market and you’ve increased the odds that the stock you have entered will move in the direction of your entry.

I will show you how to properly identify market trends, likely market direction, and specific ways to identify overbought and oversold conditions. Plus, I’ll give you 8 historically proven systems to help you identify likely market direction over the next 1 to 7 days.

Sector Selection

As important as market timing and stock selection are, in my opinion nothing is more important than being in the correct sector every trading day. In my sector-analysis section, I’ll teach you new ways to find the best trending sectors, how and why to absolutely avoid choppy sectors, and how to use “sector lines,” to give you further assurance that the sectors you are trading have the biggest edge in moving in your favor at a high velocity. When you are in the correct sector, the odds of your trading success greatly increase. I will teach you how to find these sectors every evening.

Momentum Stock Strategies

You will learn my very best stock-trading strategies, including strategies that have never before been made public. I will teach you how to properly identify the “persistency of a trend.” I will then teach you how to apply the best strategies to use for each of the 3 main phases of the trend (incredibly, even many seasoned traders have no clue how to do this correctly).

Position Management

Unless you know how to properly use position management, you will never fully maximize your trading results. I will teach you how and where to use protective stops (including how to avoid having the market makers and specialists take you out at obvious levels!), price-based trailing stops, pattern-based trailing stops, position size, which entries I use to front-run a setup, second entries, early exits near profit zones, later exits and more.

I will also teach you for the first time, the strategy I call “Damage Control.” There will be times when you are in a position that gaps strongly against you and I’ll show you how I minimize (and some cases neutralize) the losses during these times. By the time you are done with my course, you will know where to best place your stops, how to move your stops, and how to best take profits, as your position moves in your favor.

Nightly Preparation

I will show you how to be fully prepared for the upcoming trading day. Most losing traders are in “reactive mode” throughout market hours. Successful, professional traders have the battle won the night before, through their nightly preparation. I will show you how to prepare for the upcoming day, how to measure likely market direction, how to identify the strongest and weakest sectors for the day, how to drill down further and find the best-moving sub-sectors, how to put together a nightly momentum list, and how to identify where the money is flowing. You will come into every trading day fully prepared, no matter what the market brings.

Real-World Trading, Real-World Scenarios And Market Psychology

I spend at least 25% of this video course showing you real-world trading examples that have occurred in short-term bull momentum markets and short-term bear momentum markets. Example after example after example will drill into your head how to apply a Tops-down approach (Markets-Sectors-Stocks) and which strategies I execute with during these times.

In the upcoming years, there will be an abundance of bull market and bear market momentum opportunities and I will show you how to take advantage of them, over and over again! I will also teach you the proper frame of mind of professional traders, how to handle drawdowns, how to avoid trading in choppy markets, how to be more aggressive in momentum markets, plus much more.

By the time you are done with my course, you will be in possession of a complete methodology for swing trading the markets.

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