Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription

Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription

Quantifiable Edges – Gold Subscription

Both private and institutional traders have taken advantage of the vast tools and studies that have been developed over the years. Some of the most popular indicators include the Quantifiable Edges Capitulative Breadth Indicator (CBI) and the Aggregator. Quantified research related to Fed policy and action around Fed Days is available. Subscribers also have access to the full archive of letters back to 2008, which include thousands of original studies.

Additionally, Quantifiable Edges provides unique courses for longer-time market timing and quant-based swing trading. Both self-paced courses include detailed market research, and show traders how to take advantage of it. They also come with supporting software for those traders interested in furthering the research and ideas on their own.

And for traders that are interested in mechanical trading strategies, the Quantifiable Edges ETF Momentum Swing Portfolio provides nightly signals, while the Quantifiable Edges Big Time Swing System is an open-coded, robust, non-optimized trading system that can be traded as-is or used as a base for traders to adapt into their own system.

About Quantifiable Edges

Quantifiable Edges has been publishing quantitative research, systems, and trading ideas since 2008. We utilize technical analysis concepts and quantify them in a way that allows traders to determine the edge that was provided in the past. Breadth, volume, sentiment, volatility, Fed-induced liquidity, seasonality, and price action are all used to assess market conditions.

Gold and Silver level subscribers are led through Rob Hanna’s interpretation of the data in a simple and complete manner via the nightly and weekly subscriber letters. Gold subscribers also have complete access to our subscriber area, which includes the Quantifinder, custom charts, trading systems (with code), special research, and more.

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