Kai Whitney – iMFtracker Order Flow Self-Study Training Program

Kai Whitney – iMFtracker Order Flow Self-Study Training Program

Kai Whitney – iMFtracker Order Flow Self-Study Training Program

The OrderFlow Sequencing Factor (OFSF) is a proprietary analytic strategy that offers effective insights into multiple data sources, allowing traders to make sense of big data and turn it into more meaningful data. OFSF exploits subtle but vital relationships in unstructured big data, allowing traders to make connections within disparate data sets, the key to discovering new insights. This concept allows investors to be able to see trends, patterns and linkages among them. OFSF is designed by a former investment bank trader who worked at firms such `as Bear Stearns, Swiss Bank, UBS and Sungard Capital Markets.

iMF Tracker training is a truly disruptive approach to trading education, engineered from the bottom up and developed by an ex-professional trader who traded for a $35Billion dollar private equity fund. This program teaches traders how to analyze big data in a powerful way, providing raw data strategies, not quantized and arbitrary indicator systems. A true professional approach giving you the Institutional edge every trader needs to compete in today’s markets.

​This is a completely professional and logical way to look at the market. This data-centric approach helps the trader clearly define risk and liquidity based on the same level of transparency historically only available at the institutional level. ​Reading the raw data of markets allows traders to logically determine the next most likely move in a stock, commodity or index future by examining the bids, offers and trades.

​All professional traders learn how to read the tape, and then need to show they’re profitable before using any software or indicators. So why shouldn’t you do the same?

iMFtracker Order flow self-study training program will help you:

  • Learn the most proactive, leading tool of the best professional traders.
  • Trade with a structured approach to all markets.
  • Get rid of your lagging indicators.
  • Know your risk before you trade. Enter at better risk/ reward ratios and improve your probability of success.
  • Spot trades in the tape before they show up in indicators and charts.
  • Develop the skills and gain an edge over chart traders- get in before and learn to profit off their mistakes.
  • Learn to control your emotions and make logical risk/ reward trade decisions.

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