Trader Dale – Volume Profile Video Course

Trader Dale – Volume Profile Video Course

Trader Dale – Volume Profile Video Course

I want a practical in-depth course, that will teach me how to trade with Volume Profile.


  • 44 in-depth videos, 15 hours of video content, hundreds of real trade examples, including forex, futures, indexes and stocks.
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform features and settings
  • Price Action course
  • Volume Profile course
  • Intraday trading course
  • Swing trading course
  • VWAP trading course

About Trader Dale

My name is Dale, and I am a full-time trader since 2008. I have always been very passionate about economics, finance, and trading. I got my university degree in finance, before becoming a certified portfolio manager, investment manager, as well as getting my financial derivatives certification.

I am proud to say that unlike most of all the trading “gurus,” I actually have a proper education and certification. This is, of course, thanks to my parents who supported me enormously in my studies and who helped me at the start of my career.

Fresh out of college, I started to work as a market analyst for a major brokerage. Most would be grateful to have this position right out of college, but I didn’t really feel it this way. I had two problems with this job.

The first one was that I don’t like having a boss who tells me what to do. I always studied hard to be independent not an employee. The second reason was that I didn’t like how the company treated their customers.

I think this is an issue with most forex brokers. They don’t really care if their clients make money or not. They are selfish and focus primarily on their fees. They feel no responsibility, and they don’t care about their clients best interest. I didn’t like being a tool in such a company, so I left.

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