RebelWay – Introduction To Houdini For Fx

RebelWay – Introduction To Houdini For Fx

RebelWay – Introduction To Houdini For Fx

Introduction To Houdini For Fx is designed for people who have a good understanding of CG and interested in gaining a full understanding of Houdini and how to properly utilize it’s capacity to create particles FX, water simulation, destruction and volume simulation.

Introduction To Houdini For Fx will also cover in depth how to render the various FX elements and how to composite them using Houdini COPs

Week 01 | HOUDINI

  • Introduction to Houdini 18.
  • Workflow And Tools.
  • Wedging and iteration.
  • Hardware & Software.
  • Crafting FX workflow.


  • Intro to pops
  • An introduction to Designing FX
  • Timing & Layering
  • Create a simple procedural system that uses path finding to create various particles streams
  • Create various FX elements using POPs
  • Particles Caching and optimization
  • NEW: FX Energy design and prototyping the look
  • NEW: Simulation setup
  • NEW: Guiding particles and creating intelligent paths and Colliders
  • NEW: Shockwave design, approach and execution

Week 03 | VOLUMES

  • Intro to Houdini volumes and vdb manipulation.
  • Intro to Dops and smoke solver
  • Create various smoke elements to enhance all the particles FX created week 2
  • Volume caching and optimization
  • NEW: Creating magical explosion
  • NEW: Adding more FX layers to the shockwave
  • NEW: Using smoke simulation to enhance particle simulation


  • Intro to mantra
  • Intro to shading in mantra
  • Shading all the particles FX previously created
  • Rendering the environment and setting up all the passes need to render our particles FX
  • Intro to cops in Houdini
  • NEW: Buildings, streets and environment rendering
  • NEW: Initial particle rendering
  • NEW: Introduction To Compositing

Week 05 | RBD

  • Intro to Bullets and constraints
  • Fracturing using voronoi and boolean
  • What is convex decomposition
  • Edge displacement and high-res interior
  • Create the constraint
  • Simulate the rbd
  • Caching the rbd and optimisation
  • Setup a workflow for using lowres/higer geometry for simulation vs rendering
  • NEW: Houdini 16/17 and 18 and how to transition
  • NEW: When to use sop level solvers vs dop level solvers
  • NEW: Creating the building destruction setup
  • NEW: Building destruction setup and tweaking


  • Create various debris systems using particles and bullets.
  • Create smoke trail simulation using pops and smoke solver
  • Create a smoke sim to use as an air field for particle advection.
  • NEW: Adding debris trails for buildings to enhance the overall visual


  • NEW: Rendering all the additional elements needed
  • NEW: Balancing and tweaking.
  • NEW: Putting everything together
  • Week 08 | FLIP FLUIDS
  • Intro to flipfluids in Houdini
  • Prepping the geometry for flip fluids and collision
  • Create Custom forces to enhance the flip fluid sim
  • Create the Highres sim
  • Meshing in Houdini
  • Intro to whitewater in Houdini
  • Create whitewater source
  • Create a highres foam simulation including, bubbles, spray and foam.
  • NEW: Houdini 18 workflow/changes and how to transition


  • Advanced water shading.
  • Foam shading (foam, spray, bubbles)
  • Lighting the flip fluid statue rising scene
  • Optimization and setting up all the render passes.
  • Create procedural atmospheric FX using vdb.
  • Volume shading and rendering in mantra.
  • Final compositing of all the FX layers and beauty passes using Houdini COPs
  • NEW: Houdini 18 workflow/changes and how to transition

Week 10 | KARMA & USD

  • Introduction To Solaris
  • USD & Karma
  • When and when to use karma and how this workflow fits in

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