NFTMastermind Charting Wizards

NFTMastermind Charting Wizards

Stop overpaying for NFTs, stop getting eaten up with gas and other charges, stop buying FOMO tops, stop trading randomly and relying on luck. Learn to trade NFTs professionally!

Skip all of the hard work, lost time, lost money, headache, denial. Learn how to trade NFTs professionally fast so you can take advantage of the 99% of NFT traders who literally have no clue. Time is our most precious commodity so I will waste no more here. Get in whilst you can or I wish you all the best.

What will you learn in NFTMastermind Charting Wizards?

NFT Basics

  • What Are NFTs
  • Which Marketplace To Trade In?

OpenSea & DIscord Tutorials

  • OpenSea For Beginners
  • Registering A Crypto Wallet
  • Discord Setup Tutorial

Researching New Collections & Minting

  • What Is Minting
  • How To Win Whitelist Spots And Giveaways
  • Where To Find Upcoming NFT Drops
  • Upcoming NFT Quick Assessment LIVE
  • Full NFT Collection Appraisal

NFT Analysis Software

  • Gas Fees & Settings Explained
  • Creator Royalty & OS Fees
  • Profile Collection Management & Cleanup

How To Flip NFTs For Profit

  • Phases Of A New Collection Launch
  • Pattern Recognition
  • What Level Of NFT To Get Involved With
  • Entry & Exit Points
  • Reviewing The Collection Floor Price
  • Floor Analysis In Trait Subsets
  • Watching Out For Volume Pumps
  • Short Term Volume Analysis
  • How To Sell NFTs Effectively
  • Trading Journals & Accountability

The Playbook

  • Pre Reveal Flip (Immediate)
  • Pre Reveal Flip (Days)
  • Mint Live Notification Instructions
  • NFT Flipping During Reveal (Part 1)
  • NFT Flipping During Reveal (Part 2)
  • Get 20% Off Every OS Purchase
  • Post Reveal Supply Shock Flip (Part 1)
  • Post Reveal Supply Shock Flip (Part 2)
  • Potential Blue Chip Trending Flip
  • Fundamental Use Case Flip (Days-Weeks)
  • New Trade Setup Live (Part 1)
  • New Trade Setup Live (Part 2)
  • 3 Pump Cycle Setup (Part 1)

Advanced Tools & Strategies

  • Learning From Leaderboards
  • Should You Invest In Blue Chip NFTs?
  • Tracking Your Progress Precisely (Using Software)
  • Analysing The Listing Supply
  • Setting Up A Low Supply Trade
  • The Best Overall NFT Buying Software

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