Steven Hart – TTC Forex University

Steven Hart – TTC Forex University

Steven Hart – TTC Forex University

“What you will learn in the TTC Forex University is exaclty what I taught a trader named Matt from Australia.”

Matt came to TTC suffering from some very common trading mistakes.

  1. Strategy
  2. Risk Management
  3. Trading Psychology

But, after a lot of hard work on his part and implementing what he learned here at TTC

Matt not only became a comsistently profitable trader.

But, also started a YouTube following and teaches over 23,000 YT subscribers the art of becomeing profitable @ The Art Of Trading on YouTube.

Matt has alse been interviewed by Global Prime as an expert on Forex and tradingview’s Pine Script Editor (Matt and I are now friends and plan to collaborate very soon!)

What will you learn in The TTC Forex University?

  • Basics Mastery Course
  • Technical Analysis Mastery Course
  • Strategy Mastery Course
  • Backtesting Mastery Course
  • Risk Management Mastery Course
  • Trading Psychology Mastery Course
  • Trading Plan Mastery Course

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