Trader Lion – Oliver Kell – Swing Trading Masterclass

Trader Lion – Oliver Kell – Swing Trading Masterclass

Trader Lion – Oliver Kell – Swing Trading Masterclass

This is a world-record-setting trading program focused on extreme performance, in which you can learn from the greatest. This course will help you simplify your chart analysis and teach you how Oliver evaluates price action. Additionally, you may learn how to create watchlists and find the market’s absolute finest prospects. Swing Trading Masterclass teaches you how to identify repeating patterns that increase your prospects of success, as well as how to safeguard your gains and manage your holdings. Oliver’s technique is shockingly straightforward, simple to comprehend, and accessible to everyone willing to put in the effort.

The course content of Swing Trading Masterclass:

  • Welcome to Oliver Kell’s Swing Trading Masterclass
  • Webinar 1: Market Cycle Mastery
  • Webinar 2: Finding True Market Leaders
  • Webinar 3: Super Performance Setups
  • Webinar 4: Risk Management and Position Management
  • Webinar 5: System Building, Mindset & Trading Psychology

About Oliver Kell

Kell Capital founded by Oliver Kell is a full-time investment management company. He came out on top in the 2020 U.S. Investing Championship, earning an annualized return of 941.10 percent. William O’Neil’s CAN SLIM technique is the inspiration for his plan. Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Richard Wyckoff, and many of the greatest investors of all time have also had an impact on him.

At the beginning of his career, **Oliver Kell **worked as a day trader off the Level 2 screen at a hedge fund employing difficult international arbitrage methods. He subsequently moved on to execute for big institutional customers at the brokerage firm, BTIg. He has gained a great deal of expertise in the capital markets, and he has put his own twist on the CAN SLIM way of investing based on these experiences.

The simplicity of his technique makes it accessible to everyone who is prepared to put in the effort. Oliver Kell is a firm believer in the little person taking on Wall Street and succeeding, having gone through many ups and downs while developing his account totally with his own money. It is his goal for each individual investor to be armed with the information to achieve their goals.

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