Rob Smith – Introduction To The STRAT Course

Rob Smith – Introduction To The STRAT Course

Rob Smith – Introduction To The STRAT Course

In this course Rob Smith teaches you his innovative trading system, The Strat. Rob developed The Strat based on universal principles in price action to which all price must adhere. This course will walk you in great detail through the 3 universal principles of The Strat:

  • Truths
  • Price
  • Action

The Strat is a method of trading that focuses solely on what can be shown to be true, using multiple timeframe – quantitative analysis following the aggregation of price over time, divided among different participation groups, in the form of candlestick price charts.

The Strat is a trading system that can be utilized in any market and time frame, and once you begin to see things from this perspective, it will forever change the way you trade.


  • Gain an understanding of macro and micro trends across the broader market
  • Identify profitable trading conditions

Who is Introduction To The STRAT Course for?

This course is for any trader, new or experienced, short or long-term that is interested in amplifying their trading results. The Strat is easy to understand and immediately actionable as an asset within your trading toolbox.

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