Matshediso Traders Mentorship

Matshediso Traders Mentorship

If you don’t have any relevant trading experience and you are passionate to be one of our proprietary traders, this designated program is ideal for you.

Matshediso Traders Mentorship Program is the perfect way for novice traders looking to take their trading to the next level. This program is designed to teach you trading from the ground up.

What do we offer for Trader Mentorship Program?

  • Teach you from the ground up
  • Real-time learning and teaching by our professional traders
  • Teach your our prorietary trading strategies and methods
  • Learn about risk management to mitigate inherent trading risks
  • Teach you how to do intra-day trading
  • Learn what is Futures and Option Trading
  • Learn how to trade Futures spreads
  • Learn how to arbitrage the market
  • Surrounded By Professional traders
  • Guided by professional traders who have a long and proven track record.
  • Reduces your trading learning curve
  • Explore your trading strength and weakness
  • Conducive environment to progressive learning and growth
  • After training you can immediately start as our proprietary trader
  • We will make you a professional trader who Trades for Living!

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