Adam Grimes – SMART Pullback Trading

Adam Grimes – SMART Pullback Trading

Adam Grimes – SMART Pullback Trading

Day 1: Building a reliable foundation

Day 2: Trends and pullback variations

Day 3: Sizing and trade selection

Day 4: Entry techniques and using options

Day 5: What happens after a pullback trade & management

Day 6: Putting it all together

Who is SMART Pullback Trading for?

Traders with any size account — whether it’s $5k or $5mm — who trade equities, futures, options, or forex

Traders who want a simple, proven trading plan to find, enter, and exit higher probability pullbacks without getting caught buying a dip that turns into a crash.

About Adam Grimes

MarketlLife Co-Founder & CEO

Adam Grimes is a prominent professional trader and advisor to hedge funds and institutions. In a prolific career spanning well over two decades, Adam has been at the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), a senior prop trader and Chief Technical Strategist at a top-tier Manhattan firm, a hedge fund trader, VP of quantitative trading at an institution, and he currently works as the Chief Investment Officer of Talon Advisors.

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