Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship

Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship

Sami Abusaad – Elite Mentorship

Learn the Unconventional, Unusual, and Just Plain Weird Secrets Behind Sami Abusaad’s Success

There’s a reason traders just like you have paid up to $5,995 to attend one of Sami Abusaad’s Elite Mentorship.

You hear things you’ve never heard before… things that may sound just plain weird if you follow conventional trading wisdom.

For example, you can make huge money on a tiny gap.

You can actually make money by breaking your ‘unbreakable’ trade management rules — but only under certain conditions.

You can skyrocket your trading productivity with 4 simple keyboard shortcuts.

You can buy stocks ahead of earnings and make consistent money.

You can sidestep market makers trying to fool you on the Level II screen.

What will you learn in Elite Mentorship:

  • Chapter 1 Topic: Trading Gaps Like a Pro
  • Chapter 2 Topics: Entry & Trade Management, the “Atom” of Price, Trading Earnings, Building a Trading Plan, Money & Risk Management
  • Chapter 3 Topic: Scanning and Planning for Powerful Patterns
  • Chapter 4 Topic: The Power of the 15-Minute Pristine Buy Setup, Speeding Up Your Trading With Hot Keys
  • Chapter 5 Topic: Pristine Climactic Setups, Your Psychological Weapons Toolbox

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