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  • No prerequisite knowledge is necessary
  • Access to level II data
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The Tape Reading For Intraday trading course that will help you master Tape Reading!

Ever wanted to know what the “secret sauce” hedge fund traders use? Ever wanted to know what these crazy rich day traders are doing to make money every day? Well, here is the answer:

They simply understand how to read the tape. There is no secret sauce, but rather a technique that has been around since the market was founded. It is not a “secret sauce” or master powerful trading system, but just the basic understanding of how to read the time and sales.

So, what is tape reading and how is it going to make me money?

Tape reading is the art of studying pure and magnified price action real time based on the Level II box. Using the tape you are able to gauge players psychology and imbalances in supply and demand. Reading the tape is a leading indicator, not like charts and indicators where they are based on past data.

Tape reading is an important skill to master as an intraday trader because it allows you to see real time where there is buying and selling going on at level. This is also a very important skill because it will improve you efficiency, risk/reward ratio, and it will allow you to catch larger moves all while allowing you to take on the least amount of risk possible.

Tape reading is your edge and will put ahead of many other traders that think technical analysis is the only thing they should know. The advantages of reading the tape are that it brings consistency to your trading, it is a leading indicator, you are able to see buyers/sellers in real time, it minimizes your trading risk and it gets you in more plays that the charts don’t show you. Finally, reading the tape is about analysis the bid, offer, size, volume, and prints. With reading the tape you will be able to determine where the stock is going to move 90% of the time.

Want to see an example of what I mean by Reading the Tape? Want to see what you will learn how to do on your own? The video below is a little snippet of me explain what is happening on the tape and how I made $2,800 doing so.

Sure, it might seem a bit confusing seeing all those numbers and colors running through your screen but it is not impossible. It is really the most basic, yet important, aspect of trading-after risk management.

Tape reading will help you see what buyers and sellers are doing in real time. It helps you understand what is happening in a chart pattern. It helps you see the chart pattern form in real time. All of this will help you get an understand of the supply and demand dynamics in the stock…. in which will mean more money in your pocket.

What exactly is the Tape Reading 101 Course?

The Tape Reading 101 Course is an online educational course which is based on tape reading. It is taught in three different mediums-audio, video, and reading. First, you will read about a section on the the specific topic, then you will watch the presentation on it and after that take a quiz to test your retention of the material. By reinforcing the material three times per section, we will make sure you retain the material. This is done in four sections so you can grasp what Tape Reading is about.

There are over 8 hours worth of video content and countless pages of written material for you to read. Best part of it all? You will gain access to the Tape Reading Archive database for continued practice on tape reading after you finish the course.

But seriously, what is the benefit of this?

To learn the “secret skill” that professional traders use on a day to day basis to make millions. Inside you will learn everything from what tape reading is, the level I & II, big bids, bid offers, how to execute your orders, held bids, held offers, and how to spot buy/sell programs. You will also be able to spot high frequency trading algorithms after the course. This alone will teach you the EDGE market professionals use in the markets day in and day out to steal money from the little guy. Join the pool of the sharks, as a shark.


How can you expect to succeed as a trader if you are only understanding chart patterns and not the underlying mechanics of them? Don’t you want to know what institutions are doing? Don’t you want to see where the order flow is going and follow it? It is a huge problem for new traders that do not know what it takes to become a Consistently Profitable Trader. They just think that memorizing a few chart patterns is the way to profitability.. but they are WRONG! Until now, there was no solution to this problem. In this online trading course we show you how to read the tape.

Tape Reading is one of the most important aspects of trading because you are able to see what is not on the charts.

Here Is Some Advice On What Helped Me Out:

-Focus on the Level I, Level II, and Prints. -Watch your trading video after the close daily and learn from your mistakes. -Learn How To spot buyers and sellers at levels… follow them.

What are some benefits of this course?

  • Learn the basic foundation of reading the tape
  • Learn what the Level I and II are
  • Learn what the prints mean
  • Learn how to spot big bids and big offers Learn how to spot hidden buyers and sellers
  • Learn how to spot buy and sell orders
  • Learn the top intraday trading patterns working now
  • Learn how to spot and follow a buy program for 4 pts on the tape
  • Learn why speed is important to the intraday trader Learn our top trading plays
  • Learn how to spot probabilities and trade with them via risk/reward
  • Learn how to lower your risk Learn how to read the tape via the Level I, II, and prints.
  • Learn setups that are not on the charts

But what makes you so qualified to teach me this?

Fair question, we are seasoned traders with over 20 years of combined stock market trading experience. We have traded different markets and have become better traders because of them. We have traded for Prop Desks and Hedge Funds in NYC and Miami. Jose, one of the partners of Bidhitter, has been featured on Time magazine online and on Business Insider: So what’s included in this purchase?

Who this course is for

  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Day traders
  • Anyone involved in the stock market

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