The Hedge Bundle – SpotGamma Academy

The Hedge Bundle – SpotGamma Academy

Get 3 intensive options training courses in The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma Academy

The Hedge Bundle is a three-part options education series offered to you by SpotGamma and Options Insight, which is now available for immediate download.

Drawing on the decades of practical knowledge of Wall Street veterans Brent Kochuba and Imran Lakha, The Hedge Bundle shows you how junior traders execute simple options trades and helps you comprehend the fundamental rules that govern how option premium works.

Additionally, you will discover how experienced traders translate ideas into positions and how to quantify the risk-reward of options positions by examining the effects of all of the Greeks on the position.

In addition, you will study how portfolio managers originate innovative ideas, improve execution, and manage risk with the SpotGamma Academy’s The Hedge Bundle.

What are the 3 courses included in The Hedge Bundle by SpotGamma Academy?

The Hedge Course 1: Junior Trader

  • Analyze the profit profiles of call and put options
  • Recognize the factors that affect the pricing of an option
  • Distinguish between intrinsic and temporal value
  • Analyze an option chain and compare the pricing of various strike prices and maturities.

The Hedge Course 2: Senior Trader

  • Evaluate each of the major Greeks in terms of their risk management responsibilities.
  • Recognize the influence of market makers on stock price movement through Delta hedging.
  • Distinguish between realized and implied volatility, as well as the Greeks that accompany each.
  • Project the course of an option’s value using multi-dimensional scenarios for the current price, time, and volatility.

The Hedge Course 3: Portfolio Manager

  • Interpret the structure of the word.
  • Recognize implied volatility forward and how it relates to VIX futures.
  • Assess volatility skew, its origins, and how it tells you about an asset’s tail risk.
  • Recognize second order Greeks, such as Vanna and Charm, and their influence on markets as a result of dealer positioning.
  • Introduce new trading tactics, such as spreads, ratios, and butterfly trading.
  • Utilize straddles and collars to profit from volatility and skew.
  • Prior to and after gamma squeezes, identify and trade them

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