Simpler Trading – John Carter – Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022

Simpler Trading – John Carter – Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022

Simpler Trading – John Carter – Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022

A consistent trading method for targetting 120% annual returns

Most traders like to believe that growing an account to 120% is a big goal, maybe even too big of a goal. But here’s the thing about that “big” number. It’s really not that big at all when you break it down. In fact, you only need to average 2.5% growth every week, and that’s what this strategy was designed to do.

Weekly Wires is a proven plan for withdrawing weekly income AND still grow your account. This isn’t some fantasy based on hypothetical numbers.

It’s all about turning the tables so that retail traders have the edge.

Take a look at this $1.36 million intraday gain…

You don’t need to swing for home runs. You want to bank steady returns each week – and at just 2.5% on average that would equate to 120% or more a year.

Weekly Wires is designed so traders can swing for home runs when the time is right and look to target steady income the rest of the time instead of sitting on the sidelines.

How John Carter gains 2.5% gains a week (no matter the market)

Learning powerful options and income strategies has helped John Carter achieve his goals, this is one of those powerful strategies. The goal is to show you how he’s targeting 2.5% weekly gains no matter what the market does. When you know that critical information ahead of time, you can safely extract more premium from almost any options income trade.

As the Founder of Simpler Trading, John has generated up to 700% gains in a single year through a mixture of directional and non-directional trades (and wired out more than double his starting account balance year over year).

What will you learn in Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022?

  • John’s simple 10% a month options income formula
  • How to “harvest” weekly “trade checks” without fail
  • “Windows” that show when it’s possible to pocket way more premium
  • When to exploit “skewed” stats and trade like a bookie
  • How John’s new automated pivots reveal hidden levels
  • How to accurately predict the high and low range each week

With the Weekly Wires Elite Package 2022, you get everything in the Basic and Premium packages, plus two additional days of recorded Elite live trading. For traders who want to go to the next level quicker, this package includes four total days of recorded live trading with John Carter.

The Elite Package is the “all-in” choice. This is for traders who are ready to level up as fast as possible. This “double” live trading package allows traders to experience different market conditions.

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