Bigtrends – Weekly Options Boot Camp

Bigtrends – Weekly Options Boot Camp

With Price Headley as your teacher, experience the full spectrum of weekly options trading tactics in this three-part educational series.

In our extensive Weekly Options Boot Camp course, you will learn all there is to know about successfully trading the “weeklys”, enabling you to trade no matter what the security, chart time-frame or market condition. You will also receive critical instruction on how to use Price’s favorite technical indicators so that you can learn how to spot the big trends on which to apply your new-found strategic knowledge.

What will you learn in Weekly Options Boot Camp?

Session 1: Introduction to Weekly Options and the ADX Indicator

In the first session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp, Price introduces the core concepts behind harnessing Weekly Options and how this trading vehicle can enhance any trader’s returns. Among the many topics covered, you will learn the best chart time frames to trade, how the Average Directional Movement (ADX) Indicator works and how to utilize True Range and Directional Movement before seeing multiple case studies of bull and bear trades to give you the practical application of Weekly Options trading the BigTrends way.

Session 2: Trading for Quick Trends on FANG Stocks

In the second session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp, Price covers how to apply the ADX success profile to trading quick intraday trends. This is the fundamental basis for the FANG Options Trader system and as well as showing you the ADX settings, entry parameters and exit rules for FOT, Price discusses how to tweak your targets and stops to protect profits and balance your equity curve while also revealing the critical Weekly Options trading variable outside of win percentage.

Session 3: Trading for Quick Trends on Multiple Sectors

In the final session of the Weekly Options Boot Camp, Price continues with the themes established in session 2 as he details his Weekly Options Accelerator service and how it trades a variety of sectors using Weekly Options. And with this service focusing on a department store (M), a cannabis company (CGC), an online payment processor (PYPL), a personal health company (WW), a graphic chip manufacturer (NVDA) and an outerwear provider (GOOS), there will always be opportunities on the up and downside no matter what the broader market is doing.

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