The Power MBA

The Power MBA


The Power MBA is a highly practical and up-to-date online program, where you learn from the best, in (+250) 15 min classes and gain a unique understanding of business to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business – all for a minimal investment of time and money, unlike in traditional business schools.

How does The Power MBA work?

See for yourself! Hear the Product Owner of our global program, Allie Whitefleet, explain how the platform and our modules work, and catch a glimpse of a few of our classes in this video.

  • Classes are short and focused (15 min each), so that you can always fit them into your day.
  • Only practical and down-to-earth content that you’ll be able to apply straight away.
  • The program covers all areas of a traditional MBA (strategy, finance, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.) so that you understand all aspects of business. Check out our curriculum!
  • Dozens of inspiring business cases of different sizes and industries, analyzed with their founders to help you understand how to apply the theory.
  • Plus case studies with founders of companies that have changed the world: Waze, YouTube, Tesla, Netflix, and many more.

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