Rajandran R – QuantZilla

Rajandran R – QuantZilla

What is QuantZilla?

QuantZilla is a immersive mentor-ship program on designing trading systems, converting trading ideas into indicators and trading strategies, automating the trading systems.


There are no prerequisites to this course. You can do this course if you have never coded or haven’t seen a console window. The learning curve is steep since you are learning a programming language and its usage in financial markets. It is recommended that you show commitment towards learning to gain most out of the course.

QuantZilla includes:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Quantitative Trading Development Platforms
  • Module 2 – Introduction to Amibroker AFL Coding Development and Basic Amibroker Functions
  • Module 3 – Building Scanners and Exploration for Trading & Investing Opportunities
  • Module 4 – Understanding Trading System Development Functions
  • Module 5 – Strategy Creation and Portfolio Backtesting
  • Module 6 – Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Metrics
  • Module 7 – Creating Intraday Trading Strategies and End of Candle Execution Trading Strategies
  • Module 8 – Creating Intra-Bar Execution Strategies and Multi Timeframe Functions
  • Module 9 – How to Send Trade Alerts in Amibroker
  • Module 9 – Introduction to Optimization, Smart Optimization, Walk Forward Testing & Monte Carlo
  • Module 10 – Introduction to API, Automated Trading & How to Send Automated Orders
  • Module 11 – Introduction to GFX Functions and Designing Trading Dashboards
  • Module 11 – Introduction to Advancelooping
  • Module 12 – Stoploss and Target Handling
  • Module 13 – How to Debug in Amibroker and File Operations?
  • Module 14 – File Operations and How to Backtest Pair Trading Strategies
  • Module 15 – How to backtest multi legged option strategies

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