Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

Connor Pollifrone – Boiler Room Trading

Our simplistic approach to the market will have you in winning trades sooner than later! I am not saying this as some dumb sales slogan bull crap, but seriously put in the effort learn what we teach and you will probably start actually making money for once.

What will you learn in Boiler Room Trading?

  • The fundamentals of investing in the stock market
  • Simple breakdown of my unique techniques & strategies to find quality stocks
  • The mechanics of trading
  • The importance of risk management and trend identification
  • Indicators, Scanners, and Best Practices
  • Profits & Mindset lessons
  • We focus on realistic unique goals, consistency, and planning for long term personal growth

About Connor Pollifrone

Connor Pollifrone is the founder of Boiler Room Trading.

I have been a full time Investor and trader for the past 5 years. I started investing at the age of 18 and quickly picked up the interest for stocks. Since the age of 20 Connor has been fully invested in learning the secrets of the market. Connor trades a variety of different strategies, stocks, etfs and options, at heart I am a long term investor, but over the years I had a gift for teaching others how to find whats works best for them in the market!

This pushed me to create Boiler Room Trading. What you see now is a website specifically designed around investing and trading, but in the future we intend on making Boiler Room Trading a source for overall financial education and entertainment!

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