Simpler Trading – Options Scalping Secrets (Elite Package)

Simpler Trading – Options Scalping Secrets (Elite Package)

Simpler Trading – Options Scalping Secrets (Elite Package)

Day trading can be a highly successful approach once you have a strategy you can rely on. In fact, day trading allowed Chandler Horton, Director of Day Trading Strategies, to pursue full-time trading well before the age of 25.

Chandler loves to take advantage of the volatility as well as strong pops and drops in price, then once he’s satisfied, he moves out of the way and back to cash! No chasing anything… just taking advantage of what’s in front of him.

Chandler is passionate about helping other traders discover his “Options Scalping Secrets” so he’s teaching his system in this class.

In this step-by-step self paced training you’ll discover:

  • Case Study: Chandler’s 90% return in less than 30 minutes on SNOW
  • The single most crucial thing in trading
  • How to take advantage of plays while managing your account
  • Chandler’s 600% account growth during 3 choppy months
  • The free tools that make it easier than ever to scalp (which you might already have)
  • Case Study: Chandler’s 113% ROI on the SPX

Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package by Simpler Trading Hosts Farewell Party for Day Trading Crisis

Scalping has been used to grab trading opportunities at the speed of sprinter, which is popular in day trading where time seems to wait for no one. Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package provides never – before – revealed techniques behind Chandler Horton’s staggering performances. The in – depth analysis of Chandler’s successful cases is provided in the course so you can take glimpses into how he could make it happen.

Given 148% return within 12 minutes, 600% account growth in 3 month amid choppy conditions and ROI of 113% on the SPX. If you are already overwhelmed, don’t worry! Chandler Horton will break down the process and pack it in a coherent explanation of Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package on Simpler Trading. It is a farewell party for… your day trading crisis!

Through the glimpses into real case studies, Chandler Horton points out the insights from reading charts, market analysis. Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package instructs you on how to leverage high probability plays and simultaneously manage your account. Active Trader is the tool that smoothes your scalping execution and management. The bonus of a live active trader session is packed in the elite package of Options Scalping Secrets. Besides, order flow is one of common techniques when scalping, which is guided in “Reading the Ticker Tape” Class. You can easily determine influential factors and upcoming support and resistance levels.

The highlights of Options Scalping Secrets are 4 days of practical live trading. Chandler Horton shows you how all aforementioned techniques can be adapted to real – time trading. Because of day trading with scalping, you can see the immediate effects proving the profitability in minutes. The responsiveness, viable strategy setups and a presence of mind are the formula for constantly getting instant winning. During trading with Chandler in the live trading of Options Scalping Secrets, you can ask him questions for better day trading.

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