Monica Froese – Empowered Business Lab

Monica Froese – Empowered Business Lab

For Bloggers, Content Creators, and Service Providers Who Are Tired of the Never-Ending Hamster Wheel of Free Content and Trading Hours for Dollars…

Does this sound familiar?

  • You wish you wish you could stop spending so much time writing new or free content.
  • You are constantly wondering if your new blog post will be “the one” that goes viral.
  • You want a clear purpose for growing your email list (otherwise, what’s the point?).
  • You want to take your income into your own hands.
  • You want your audience to actually pay you money for something.
  • You want to make money that is not directly tied to the hours you work.

If you answered YES to any of these, then you are the PERFECT match for…

Empowered Business Lab

The most comprehensive program that teaches you how to create and sell digital products so you can generate an income from your knowledge and expertise.

You are burnt out creating free content with little to no return on all the time you spend.

It’s time to QUIT the endless cycle of free content and burnout.

Your brain is NOT free.

You deserve to make an income from your hard work.

What if you could take your expertise, create something ONCE, then sell it over and over again with a simple system?

That’s the magic of digital products!

Show up with your expertise and I’ll help you craft it into an irresistible digital product that your audience can’t say no to.

Inside my newest program Empowered Business Lab, I’ll walk by your side from creating to selling your most profitable digital product… ever.

After completing the Empowered Business Lab, you will have…

  • Created an amazing digital product you’re actually PROUD to share with your audience.
  • Cultivated an email list of people who are excited and ready to pay you ACTUAL money.
  • Sold your new digital product using my top 3 highest-converting sales funnel methods.
  • Had several “a-ha!” moments for your business, allowing you to shatter your biggest business roadblocks.
  • Spent less time creating free content and spent more time doing revenue-generating activities in your business.
  • Eliminated the stress of thinking about how you will make money in your business, and have a clear path to move forward.

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