Photon Trading FX – The Photon Course

Photon Trading FX – The Photon Course

High R:R trades
Replace tired retail strategies with institutional supply & demand methodology to hit 20:1 trades regularly.

Mechanical strategy
No guessing, hesitation, doubt, or regret when executing and managing trades.

Frequent trading opportunities
Eradicate FOMO and poor monthly results from missing the ‘one big trade’ with regular high probability setups.

Daily market analysis
Keep on top of the latest trading opportunities with regular market updates.

Zero To Funded course
Designed for beginner to advanced traders looking for an accelerated route to profitable trading in the forex markets.

Active community
You’re the average of your 5 closest friends… Tap into a network of highly motivated & likeminded traders.

Insanely high value
Full access membership for less than the price of your daily coffee.

Zero To Funded Course

Whether you’re brand new to trading or you have years of experience… this course is designed for you. We’ve structured our content to cater to those who are learning from the ground up and want to progress through to being a funded forex trader utilising institutional supply & demand concepts.

Our entire framework is laid out, step-by-step, in chronological order. There is no filler or fluff. It’s a holistic course designed to show you exactly how to build a highly successful trading business.

The Photon Service

Save time and speed up your journey to profitable consistency by seeing first hand how a seasoned professional creates watchlists, performs in-depth technical analysis, and capitalises on different market conditions, week in, week out.

Trade recaps give you additional exposure to the markets. Learn how to anticipate profitable setups in advance, enter positions with pinpoint precision, and manage them for maximum profit.

  • Increase your profitability
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Reduce your work time

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