Stock Trading Foundation Trading Basics

Sasha Evdakov – Stock Trading Foundation Trading Basics

Sasha Evdakov – Stock Trading Foundation Trading Basics

Here’s what you’ll get:

Video 1: Building the Foundation

In the first video you will learn the basic principles of the stock market, how to read charts, and get an understanding of trading rules. It all builds to give you a firm foundation for the next few videos and future trading knowledge. You will learn:

  • Common stock market terms, the players in the game, and various brokers.
  • I will give you insight to what I watch for when I trade and key tips of what I don’t care for.
  • How to read candlesticks charts and patterns that help you predict and stock’s direction.
  • What are trading rules, why you should have them, and 10 sample trading rules that you can use.

Video 2: Trading Core

In the second video, we go over topics that relate stock movement, what makes stocks move, and build up your awareness of when is the right time to enter trades. In this video, you will learn:

  • What are stock trading systems, two types of systems, and a simple system example.
  • How to read volume, spot quality volume trends, and the four phases of a stock.
  • The cause and effect principle and what makes a stock move to the upside.
  • How to spot swing points and find the ABCD patterns on stock charts
  • What is support and resistance and how stocks are held up at different price levels
  • How confluence regions forces many traders to enter or exit early and how to avoid this trap.
  • What are trend lines and channels and how you can use them to find a stock’s trend.

Video 3: Additional Concepts and Money Management

In the final video you will learn additional trading concepts to build on your trading foundation. You will also get knowledge about proper money management in the stock market and how to keep track of your trades through journaling. In this video you will learn:

  • How to calculate stocks retracement levels with Fibonacci levels.
  • Understand gap ups and some tips about trading gaps.
  • How to properly set your stop levels and tips on how I commonly setup my stops
  • The stages you have to go through to execute a trade and what to do at each stage.
  • How to manage your money and how to scale in or scale out of positions
  • The right way to calculate your trade size before you enter the trade
  • How to keep a trading journal and calculate your: commission ratio, win ratio, and payoff ratio to track your progress.

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