Stefan Theron – Seam Group – Forex Trading Course

Stefan Theron – Seam Group – Forex Trading Course

Stefan Theron – Seam Group – Forex Trading Course

90% of New Forex Traders will lose 90% of their trading account balance in 90 Days.

What if Seam Group’s Trading Course can help you get a 90% Success Rate instead?

If that sounds good, read on.

I’ve been in your shoes. Working a 9 to 5 job with little money to spare, seeing how traders always live such exciting lives with enough income, time and flexibility to do what they want when they want it. I was determined to become a trader. I started watching a couple of videos on youtube about trading and opened my first trading account with all the hopes in the world of making a success of it.

Needless to say, I lost almost everything in my trading account because I still had no idea what I was doing and apparently the guys on the youtube videos also didn’t know. My savings was gone and I had to make a decision either to stop completely or get the necessary training from successful traders. I knew there was a recipe to success in trading, thousands of people have proven this living the lavish lives traders are known for. This is where my journey started!

For the last 10 years I have been in pursuit of mastering Trading the Forex Market; learning the ins and outs and analyzing every possible element. I’ve read hundreds of books on trading and taken countless courses. I’ve used almost every method available to build my skills as a trader. I’ve joined way too many indicator subscriptions that all promised me the golden ticket, and all of them turned out to be failures.None of it helped.

Until I finally found the recipe to trading successfully with a 90% success rate. This changed everything, in the 2nd month I started to see major profits and everything suddenly started to make sense and I started understanding how trading and the world economy works.

In my course I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING I’ve learned that has made me a successful trader over the last 10 years. You will be given the secret recipe to understanding charts and making informed trades that have a 90% success rate. I will help you train your eye to read charts and accurately predict market movements.

It’s going to take work! I know- I spent many years studying charts and had huge failures along the route. But at some stage something fell into place and I started seeing a bigger and bigger success rate. A couple years along the line and I have identified the best strategies and practices to trade safely and effectively. That’s why I can promise you that my strategy works. If you follow my direction, you WILL see results.

I priced this course to make it accessible for everyone

It should be priced at USD750, but we want to make it affordable for everyone. If you are ready to invest in yourself; invest in a proven recipe for success and see the results, please read on.

Maybe you’re still unsure. Maybe you’re thinking NOW is not the right time to take this course. Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect moment? News flash: there will never be a perfect moment. There will never be an ideal time. So start now.

This Forex Trading Course is for:

  • New Traders: you need to stop dreaming and take action. Yes, you CAN be successful! I can help you!
  • Intermediate Traders: Struggling to survive, tired of occasional wins? Let us show you to win consistently, your stress levels will reduce and you will see real results.
  • Ex-Traders: You want to get back in, but afraid of losing everything. Let us help you.

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