Legging Mini – Course Recording

Legging Mini – Course Recording


This course is a going to be at least 3 ½ hours of intense instruction on the method our trader uses to leg into positions. Nothing will be left out of this so the pace will be fast in order to cover everything from soup-to-nuts.

So you are intrigued by the Legging Mini-class? You should be.

This class is being taught by Scott who explains in as much detail as possible HIS modus operandi of taking a leg. Obviously legging is more of art than science; however, this class will try to quantify and qualify the process as much as can be done.

Some items being discussed are:

  • Initiation points of entering and exiting a leg
  • What to do when a leg goes wrong
  • Taking a naked option and spreading it into a vertical
  • Choosing when to go with and when to fight the trend.
  • Best times of day to leg
  • Blending the leg into an existing portfolio
  • etc.

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