Tradeciety Forex Training – Price Action Course

Tradeciety Forex Training – Price Action Course

Tradeciety Forex Training – Price Action Course

Learn to trade like a professional Forex trader, Learn how to trade like a professional, Forex system for all timeframes and all Forex pairs

We send out the best setups every Sunday ,Private member forum (10,000+ posts) ,Daily mentoring and trade review from us

Module 1: The Foundation

  • Learn the core and advanced price action analysis tips.
  • Trend Wave Analysis
  • Support And Resistance
  • Supply And Demand Zones
  • How To Trade With Trendlines
  • Trading with Fibonacci Extensions
  • How To Use A Moving Average

Module 1: Routine, Routine, Discipline

  • Acquire the mindset and tools of a professional trader in order to maximize your profit potential.
  • Organizing Yourself And Creating A Trading Plan
  • Setting Up And Integrating A Trading Journal Into Your Routine
  • Identifying Your Flaws And How To Conquer Them
  • Other Factors To Improve Your Performance
  • Example: My Personal Trading Plan

Pattern 1: Powerful Reversals

  • How to find entries with our first reversal trading setup. Here you will learn how to read a price chart like a pro.
  • Trend And Momentum Analysis
  • Finding The Best Entry
  • How To Trade With Divergences
  • A Powerful Moving Average Signal

Module 2: Market Environments And Why So Many Traders Fail

  • Knowing how to identify market environment is the most important thing before even thinking about taking a trade with ANY strategy.
  • The Different Market Environments And How To Identify Them
  • When To Trade Our Strategy, Market Selection
  • Classifying Highs And Lows, Reading Momentum
  • Wave Analysis: Depth, Length And Frequency

Pattern 2: The Trap Pattern

  • Learn how to find and trade the powerful trap pattern and understand how to trade against amateur traders.
  • The Bollinger Bands Signal
  • Bull And Bear Traps
  • Fakeouts And Traps
  • More Entries And Setup Examples

Module 3: Different Types Of Retracements And How To Trade Them

  • Learn how to identify and trade all the pullback patterns that exist in the markets.
  • Break And Retests – Quick And Easy
  • Simple Pullbacks – Our Favorite But Most Uncommon Setup
  • Complex Pullbacks, Reading Local Highs And Lows VS Global Highs And Lows
  • Flags – Essentially Breakout Trades, These Require A Lot Of Patience
  • Angles: When Is A Pullback Too Deep And Steep?

Pattern 3: Trendline Setup

  • With our third setup you can find great entries and understand price action like a pro.
  • How To Find The Best Setups
  • Finding Strong Trendlines
  • The Trendline Flip Signal
  • Advanced Re-Entry Setups

Module 4: Patterns, Studies And Additional Probability Boosters For Our Entries

  • See how to improve the odds on our good signals even more by utilizing our probability boosters.
  • Traditional Continuation Chart Patterns
  • Stochastic Oscillator: Advanced Reading Techniques
  • Pivot Points And How To Know Whether They Will Hold
  • News Items And Market Open Times/Drives
  • Beginning Trends Vs Established Trends Vs Overextended Trends
  • Trade Assembly

Module 4: Re-entries, Stops, Targets & More

  • Now you know how to find great entries. Here we learn some advanced price action signals.
  • The Best Re-Entry Patterns
  • How To Set Stops
  • When To Cut Losses
  • Managing Trades
  • Settings Targets

Module 5: Trade Management & Expectations

  • Finding good exits is an art and will increase your bottom line tremendously – learn how to do just that.
  • Most Of The Money Is Made In Your Exits, Possible Outcomes Over A Year Of Trading
  • Setting Goals Correctly
  • Take Profit Strategies
  • When To Go To Break-Even And How To Trail Trades
  • Further Exit Testing With Edgewonk
  • 20 Trade Examples With In-Depth Commentary

Bonus: Trading Plans & More

  • To help you become a professional trader, we will show you how to find the best Forex pairs and setups every week.
  • How To Create A Trading Plan
  • Weekly Preparation
  • Forex Correlations And Risk
  • News In The Forex Market

Module 6: Adaptation, Progress And Consistency

  • Becoming proficient with our professional trading strategy is just the first step in your long and prosperous career.
  • Forward Testing, Back Testing, And When And How To Make Adjustments
  • You Have The Tools – Now It Is Time To Make It Your Own
  • Where To Go From Here – Creating A Sustainable Trading Career For Decades To Come

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