Axiafutures – Wroclaw Career Programme

Axiafutures – Wroclaw Career Programme

Our intensive 8-week Career Training Programme offers a unique, cutting edge training carried out in an immersive Live Streaming learning environment amongst our Polish traders, on our Wroclaw trading floor. Our Head trader on the Wroclaw trading floor is one of the biggest commodity futures momentum breakout traders in Europe. The trainee has live access to not only the interactive London classroom sessions but also to a live daily feed of our traders’ active positions from our London trading floor.

The trainees are exposed to a hybrid experience – being on a trading floor with our traders and receiving the classroom education and strategies from our London Trader Training Facilities via live streaming. This enhances and creates a rich trader development experience for those who wish to train in Poland with more affordable training costs. Wroclaw is a beautiful town where many of our traders from London spend time to trade from, when they take a break from the UK.

This is the training that we use to financially back our own traders on our various trading floors. The Training Programme is the product of the collective knowledge and experience of our Elite and Senior Axia traders from around the globe. It is skills-based and is built on the methodology of developing intraday Futures traders in the biggest markets in the world.

The foundational aspect of the training focuses on cognitive development using our proprietary learning technology of: Rapid Skill Development, Rapid Knowledge Acquisition, High Performance Development. The structure of our learning is geared towards developing and unearthing the next wave of Super Star Traders.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Course Structure

The first 2 weeks of the Career Training Programme focuses purely on providing a solid basis and theoretical framework for all the trainee traders. We assume, in this part of the training, the trainee trader has no previous experience in futures trading. These first 2 weeks bring every trader up to the same level of expertise on all the aspects of global futures trading. It’s an intensive 2-week introductory training before the programme shifts into 5th gear in the final two stages of development. Wroclaw Career Programme

Post Training

There are two potential routes to becoming a trader after completing the Career Training Programme.

Upon successful completion of the training, traders can open a trading account with one of our certified clearing partners and join our community of traders. Wroclaw Career Programme

Location, Dates, Fees Wroclaw Career Programme

The Career Training Programme is delivered from our Wroclaw trading floor where each trainee has a dedicated trading desk. The class room sessions are delivered via a live streaming feed from our London Training Facilities to all the trainees. On the Wroclaw trading floor there is an experienced and dedicated mentor/trainer to guide trainees along their immersive training programme.



  • WEEK 1: Introduction to Futures Trading
  • WEEK 2: Introduction to Futures Trading


  • WEEK 3: Order Flow Training
  • WEEK 4: Profile Pattern Recognition and Execution
  • WEEK 5: Macro and Geopolitical Strategies Training


  • WEEK 6: Elite Edge Development
  • WEEK 7 : Elite Trader Routine
  • WEEK 8 : Elite Market Pattern Development

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