Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 1: Profit Snapper

Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 1: Profit Snapper

Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 1: Profit Snapper

Course Overview

Profit Snapper™ is a stock trading course that helps traders gain the confidence to profit in the stock markets, regardless of their current experience level.

The course contains in-depth lessons on technical analysis and features Adam Khoo’s powerful swing trading strategy — the Bounce System — that enables traders to make solid monthly returns.

  • Are you a total newbie? You will learn the powerful building blocks of stock trading from our trading classes that will guide you on your first paper trade in the next 2 weeks.
  • Are you already trading? Then the insights in this course will help you find the gap in your trading plan and help you make that vital strategy tweak to start seeing consistent profits.

No matter where you are in your stock trading journey right now… trading mentor Adam Khoo will show you all the essentials you MUST know to start making consistent profits.

Packed with 15 hours of easy-to-digest video tutorials, the Profit Snapper™ course is your first step to stock trading success.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Introduction to Stock Trading

  • What Makes Trading the Perfect Business
  • What makes a Trader Successful?
  • Trading Systems and Approaches

Lesson 2: The Secrets to Consistent Trading Profits

  • The Statistics of Consistent Profits from Random Outcomes
  • Trading like a Casino
  • Developing a Trading System with Positive Expectancy

Lesson 3: Mastering Technical Analysis

  • Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
  • Identifying Trends
  • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply and Demand Zones
  • Mastering Moving Averages

Lesson 4: Mastering Technical Analysis II

  • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following and Oscillators
  • Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns & Price Action Trading
  • Anticipating Trend Changes with Divergence
  • Market and Sector Analysis

Lesson 5: Position Sizing

  • Position Sizing and Money Management for Pros
  • Automate Your Trading Business with Order Management
  • Using Leverage with Contract For Differences (CFDs)

Lesson 6: Stock Swing Trading System 1: Bounce System

  • 2 candle and Single Candle Reversal Patterns
  • Entry and Exit Rules for Bounce Strategy Long and Short Setups
  • Uptrend and Downtrend Wave Patterns and Low Risk Filters
  • Trade Management
  • How to Screen for Bounce trade setups
  • Identifying High Momentum Stocks

Lesson 7: Psychology of Winning Traders

  • How Winning Traders Think
  • Managing and Overcoming Negative Emotions
  • How to Manage Temporary Drawdowns
  • Programming Your Mind to become a Winning Trader

Lesson 8: Developing a Trading Plan

  • Develop a Winning Trading Plan
  • Learn a Daily Routine that takes just 1-2 hours a day
  • Keeping a Trading Journal
  • Choosing a Stock Broker

Lesson 9: Charting and Brokerage Platform

  • Stock Charting Tutorial
  • Stock Screening Tutorial
  • Placing Orders On Brokerage Platform

(BONUS) Lesson 10: Trade the Range Strategy

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