Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 2 Market Snapper

Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 2: Market Snapper

Adam Khoo – Stock Trading Course Level 2: Market Snapper

Are you trading in the markets, but find it hard to break through your current level of profits?

Chances are, you are relying on that one or two strategies that work only in certain market conditions. But since the markets don’t always go the way we want, it’s hard to find perfect trade setups consistently, isn’t it?

If you are tired of waiting for the next setup to arise while other traders continue to profit, it’s time to increase the number of stock trading strategies on your belt!

Be sure to read on as we reveal to you 5 highly profitable strategies that our students use to boost their stock trading returns..

Course Overview

Question: How are top traders able to profit consistently all year round, regardless of bull, bear or sideway markets?

Some people believe in the myth that top traders have ONE sure-win strategy that makes them money in any condition. If such a holy grail existed, our streets would be lined with billionaires, wouldn’t it?

In fact, pro traders are armed with the opposite — they have an arsenal of trading strategies that they use flexibly in different market conditions.

Market Snapper™ is an advanced stock trading course that gives traders an arsenal of powerful swing and day trading strategies so you can find strong trade setups in any market condition.

Packed with over 16 hours of Adam Khoo’s never-revealed trading techniques, Market Snapper™ is the boost you need to take your stock trading profits to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Trend Retracement

  • High probability entry criteria for trend retracement trade setups
  • Entry and exit rules for trend retracement long and short setups
  • Filtering for high quality setups
  • Screening for trend retracement trades
  • Trade management and exit strategies

Lesson 2: Breakout System

  • Swing trading strategy that focuses on stocks that have broken out from a consolidation

Lesson 3: Momentum Value Rotation Swing System (MVR)

  • Identify the best performing stocks relative to the S&P index using relative strength
  • Screening setup for finding the best MVR stocks
  • Building a watchlist for MVR to trade in rotation daily

Lesson 4: Anticipate Trend Reversals with Divergence

  • Understand Fibonacci and the golden ratio
  • High probability trading using Fibonacci and projection levels

Lesson 5: Bollinger Mean Reversion (BMR)

  • Counter-trend system that buys at the bottom of downtrends and sells at the top of uptrends
  • The power of Price Action. Bollinger bands and divergence confluence
  • Entry, exit and position sizing rules for BMR long and short setups
  • Screening for BMR trades
  • Trade management and exit strategies

Lesson 6: Capitulation

  • Counter-trend strategy that buys right at the bottom of a downtrend
  • Proven high positive profit expectancy system
  • Specific entry, exit and position sizing rules for capitulation
  • Automated screeners to generate signals daily within minutes

Lesson 7: The Power of Confluence

  • Identifying the point of confluence and understand its effects on trading
  • Applying the idea of confluence in trend continuation and counter-trend trading

Lesson 8: Gap Up News Scalp (GUNS)

  • A powerful scalping technique that generate profits within 3-5 minutes from market open
  • Setting up charts for intraday trading
  • Building a daily watchlist for high momentum stocks in play

Lesson 9: Slingshot Trading System

  • Strategy that uses stochastics as an entry condition on stocks filtered based on a set of criteria
  • Screening setup for finding the best Slingshot trades

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