Simpler Trading – The Ultimate Spread Strategy Course

Simpler Trading – The Ultimate Spread Strategy Course

Simpler Trading – The Ultimate Spread Strategy Course

Learn To Get Paid Weekly Using Zero-Stress Options Income.

Learn how to increase opportunity to earn more consistently

Discover how to get paid by targeting premium plays with Henry Gambell’s “Ultimate Spread Strategy.”

Unlike buying calls or puts, which require you to predict the timing and direction of a greater-than-expected move, Henry’s strategy is to generate consistent income with at least 80% accuracy. It’s deemed the ultimate strategy because it’s designed to break even or make a small profit on most trades (even sometimes when you’re “wrong”), while offering extraordinary 100% to 500% gains when “lotto” trades line up.

This “zero stress” trade setup is designed so traders can focus on consistent income with limited risk.

The trade had zero downside risk if TLT kept falling because of the strategy used. Even better, this trade had an 89% chance of being profitable.

Sure enough, by the time the trade was closed, it delivered a profit equal to 100% of the initial credit. That means Henry essentially got paid to take this trade and got to keep the money.

Even better, it’s not necessary to be precise on the timing or direction of the price.

This Strategy is Like ‘Fishing With Sonar’

With the powerful tools of this strategy, there’s no need to guess where the fish are — you can see these trades lining up. This view of the market, especially during earnings, is amazing because it reveals when exponential gains can happen.

We don’t have to predict whether a stock moves up or down because we’re targeting periods of stock movement that offer us “predictable volatility.”

“Ultimate Spread Strategy” is designed for traders with smaller accounts.

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover how to:

  • Turn a credit into an 80%+ chance of earning even more profit
  • Generate a consistent income from volatility without being ‘right’
  • Exploit the predictable volatility associated with earnings season
  • Take advantage of inevitable options expiration to enjoy steady income
  • Enjoy an almost unbeatable edge and profit when other traders panic

About Henry Gambell

Henry is known as the absolute “zen master” when it comes to trading. He provides the cool, calm, and collected side of trading — a side most traders struggle with for years. That’s what makes him so invaluable as the Lead Content Provider and options trading mentor. He brings a patient, analytical approach to the market.

During his sessions, he focuses heavily on scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and patiently and methodically walking traders through new trade ideas.

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