Simpler Trading – Timing Mastery

Simpler Trading – Timing Mastery

Discover how to identify future price reversals from four masters of Fibonacci.

Does market uncertainty make you feel hesitant about when to enter or exit trades?

Precise timing is critical for traders who want consistent income. Painful losses can add up fast if you do not know exactly when to enter and exit with limited risk. But when you have proven formulas for identifying price, time, and symmetry, it is possible to catch some astonishing moves with confidence.

Whether you are a day trader or swing trader, precision time and price signals matched with symmetry can give you a serious edge. This course delivers the increased control over your trades that help you become a more confident trader.

“Timing Mastery” helps you learn how to create rapid account growth with limited risk across all market conditions. Precise trade timing is critical if you want to develop a trading plan with consistent results.

How does ‘Timing Mastery’ find time and price changes?

“Timing Mastery” combines three kinds of predictive Fibonacci tools: Time Cycles, Clusters, and Symmetry. When all three line up it becomes possible to make objective projections for setups in advance.

“Timing Mastery” is presented by Carolyn Boroden, also known as the “Fibonacci Queen.” Carolyn has been educating traders for decades with precision Fibonacci strategies. In this comprehensive course, Carolyn guides traders with detailed steps for applying Fibonacci analysis to find precise, low-risk entries and exits for winning trades.

Carolyn is joined in the class by three more dedicated masters of Fibonacci analysis: John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading; Henry Gambell, Senior Managing Director of Options Trading at Simpler Trading; and Danielle Shay, Director of Options at Simpler Trading. All of these pros have studied and applied the proven methods of the Fibonacci Queen. They will each reveal how they apply Fibonacci analysis for profitable trades in any market.

This is a rare opportunity to advance your trading skills with guidance from a select group of professional traders.

Together with this group of pros, you can roll up your sleeves and dive into proven strategies that are working now. They will share the kind of game-changing insights to help you break through to the next level of winning trades.

In this extended class you will discover:

  • FIVE Favorite setups designed to turn every $1 risked into $5 (or more) with “3D” Fibonacci timing tools.
  • Our quick-and-dirty way to find precise Fib levels, Fib clusters, symmetry, and precise timing — even if you are new to Fibonacci tools.
  • How to exploit “magnetic” support and resistance levels to ride institutional order flow. This can be your secret weapon to avoid getting run over by the market.
  • Discover the way to generate consistent options income without watching the markets all day. Just combine low-risk spreads with specific Fib levels.
  • How to enjoy tight stops with precise trade entry triggers. Finally, know exactly when to get in with confidence (and when to bail with the smallest possible risk).
  • Discover how we use our favorite Candlestick patterns with precise timing tools to take the guesswork out of entries, exits, stops, and profit targets.
  • How to use options with Fib timing tools to stack the odds in your favor and limit risk (the amazing way even newer traders can rapidly grow smaller accounts).

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