Ultimate Short Selling: Day Trading & Swing Trading Shorting

Ultimate Short Selling: Day Trading & Swing Trading Shorting

Ultimate Short Selling: Day Trading & Swing Trading Shorting

Learn how to day trade and swing trade using short selling. Three top day trading and THE best swing trading strategies.

What you’ll learn

  • The top 3 most successful short selling strategies for day trading
  • The most profitable swing trading short strategy
  • How to maximize profits during bear markets, including huge gains per trade
  • How to minimize risk with short selling which normally has unlimited risk
  • Use a shorting strategy that is little-known, but has been used by traders for over 100 years to routinely make profits of 50% to 70%


  • Students should have first watched my “Start Day Trading Penny Stocks in 60 Minutes” course, OR
  • Students should have intermediate or advanced experience either day trading or swing trading


If you engage in day trading or swing trading, you know that short selling stocks is a quicker way to make money than going long. But short selling is also much more difficult and much more dangerous. So how do we use day trading and swing trading shorting strategies effectively to minimize risk?

I’m a professional day trader and CEO of Money Learning Academy where I help people just like you become full-time day traders and swing traders. I will show you THE most effective methods of short selling, including:

  • The top 3 strategies for shorting while day trading
  • The least known and most effective swing trading short strategy ever discovered
  • How to minimize your risk while short selling
  • Where exactly on the chart to short
  • Where to cover
  • Where to set your stop-losses so that your losses are always smaller than you profits over time


I’ll teach you the three most effective methods of short selling during the day that have made me a successful day trader. You can make money much more quickly shorting than you can going long, but because of greater risk, most people end up losing money and even blowing up their accounts. When novice day traders lose all their money, it is typically due to poor short selling strategies. These three strategies are time-tested and if followed correctly with losses being cut quickly, can result in good profits over time.


Short selling stocks overnight is risky, difficult, and costs more than going long because of fees and interest. To go short for days, weeks, or months seems insanity based on overnight news causing big gap-ups in the price of the stock. But I’ll show you a little-known short selling strategy that can both minimize risk and create bigger profits than you thought possible.

The strategy was used by stock traders in the 1920s and 1930s to make massive profits in bear markets. Somewhere along the decades, the strategy was forgotten, with only a few traders here and there using it and even fewer writing about it to inform the investing public.

With the second half of this course, I’ve outlined the strategy, its risks and rewards, and give plenty of examples by showing the chart setups you’ll be looking for. It is not uncommon for this strategy to produce returns of 50% to 70% on your investment if done correctly.

The bottom line is that this strategy works if done with patience and self-discipline, and can succeed with minimal risk. While most traders are panicking during a bear market and pulling their money out, this strategy can help you make more money than you thought possible in so few trades.

This course is meant for more intermediate and advanced traders looking to add or improve their short selling strategies. Novice traders should purchase my course, “Start Day Trading Penny Stocks In 60 Minutes” to learn the basics first.

Who this course is for

  • Day traders looking for the top 3 most profitable short selling strategies
  • Swing traders looking to make big gains during bear markets
  • Anyone interested in low-risk, high-reward short selling strategies
  • Traders that have been exclusively long biased and are looking to add great short selling strategies to their trading
  • Anyone interested in a short selling strategy that is at least a century old and still works to this day


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