Simpler Trading – Black Swan Blueprint

Simpler Trading – Black Swan Blueprint

Generate options income while protecting your portfolio.

Protect your portfolio against ‘Black Swan’ market downturns.

Learn a reliable strategy to avoid account killing mistakes.

When the market drops, unprepared traders always panic. You can count on this to happen every time, like you can count on storms to bring the thunder. They begin to worry about losing large chunks of their accounts. What they don’t know is that there’s a simpler way to manage accounts in any market downturn.

In fact, many traders don’t know that market chaos can actually be more profitable. How’s that possible? The short answer is by using simple options that hedge.

It’s all about being positioned correctly, even when the market drops. The best part is? It’s a simple strategy. There’s no need to climb over some complicated learning curve.

The key lies in knowing how to protect portfolios while profiting from volatility.

Discover a way to generate income from chaos

Bruce Marshall has been using the same “profitable hedging” setups for over 30 years. As the Director of Options and Income Trading, Bruce’s goal is to show you how he’s profiting whether stocks go up or down.

He believes it’s important to make sure traders know it’s possible to keep your money safe and come out on the other side of this chaos with a bigger nest egg. Because knowing how to protect your assets and profit from ‘Black Swans’ is essential.

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • How to generate short and medium-term options income from volatility
  • How to set up low-cost and no-cost long-term portfolio hedges
  • How Bruce gets positioned correctly for ‘Black Swan’ events
  • Bruce’s favorite setups for earnings, elections, and bad news
  • A step-by-step blueprint for “beginner friendly” option income setups
  • How to profit from the historic volatility ahead
  • When to target 100% + gains on rare ‘Black Swan’ events with limited risk

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