Simple Trading – Squeeze Radar

Simple Trading – Squeeze Radar

The Squeeze is based on the idea that price compressions lead to price expansions. If we can identify these times when a market is “coiling” we can be in a position to take advantage of the directional move that follows. Squeeze Radar takes that concept and automates the scanning process to deliver a watchlist of stocks in a Squeeze on every timeframe. Squeeze Radar allows us to automatically find these setups in the form of a watchlist and take action before the move.

How Do We Use It?

Every trader at Simpler Trading uses the Squeeze, and for good reason. There is no better indicator to show these times of opportunity right before a directional move.

This is an important indicator because a squeeze can be a harbinger of a major directional move to come. This gives us an edge when trading stocks, options, or futures and we like to focus on these setups.

The Squeeze Radar automates the process of finding Squeeze setups and creating watchlists.

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