MarketLife – Art and Science of Trading

MarketLife – Art and Science of Trading

Are you passionate about financial markets? Are you dedicated to your success? Are you committed to being the very best you can be? If so, you have found the right place…

Here, we give you the knowledge and tools you need to become a trader and to build a profitable system.


  • Module 1 – Introduction and Chart Reading 101
  • Module 2 – Chart Reading, Going Deeper
  • Module 3 – Market Structure and Price Action
  • Module 4 – Trading Pullbacks
  • Module 5 – Trading Antis
  • Module 6 – Failure Tests
  • Module 7 – Breakouts
  • Module 8 – Pattern Failures
  • Module 9 – Practical Trading Psychology

Adam Grimes has over two decades experience as a trader and system developer. He’s worked for small firms and big firms, from the farmlands of the Ohio Valley to the trading floors of the New York Mercantile Exchange. In addition to his work with MarketLife, he is also the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Talon Advisors, LLC, an institutional research and advisory firm for which he writes daily market commentary. Adam is the author of the The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action, and Trading Strategies (Wiley 2012). He is also a contributing author for many publications on quantitative finance and trading, and is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer.

His perspective is both deeply quantitative and practical, and he has done extensive personal work developing his skills as a teacher, coach, and mentor. Adam’s relentless focus on trading excellence and self-development through financial markets has created a unique body of work that has helped many traders move along the path to trading success.

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