Air Forex One – Advanced Price Action

Air Forex One – Advanced Price Action

What are you going to learn with this ebook?

We are two price action traders with a combined experiences of years of hard work. The last years, we decided to focus ourselves in the deep knowledge of price action supply and demand and psychology.

With this eBook you will find a very different simple but deep approach concerning the forex market. You will learn learn from basics to our advanced trading systems.

  • Advanced price action strategies
  • Institutional trading systems
  • Deep correlation knowledge
  • Money management strategies
  • Market-Makers Manipulation Patterns
  • Macroeconomics in the forex market
  • How to build a solid Trading plan
  • How to master trading psychology
  • How to get flawless executions
  • How to manage trades and let the deals play out.
  • And much more…!!

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