Copy Trade Profit – Millionaire Forex Course

Copy Trade Profit – Millionaire Forex Course

Copy Trade Profit – Millionaire Forex Course

Do you want to copy the trades of a team of professional traders and make the profit alongside us?

Then look no further !

We have over 6 years experience making consistent profits from the Forex markets and are here to help YOU do the same.

Do want to know all the techniques we use to trade ourselves and learn how to implement the Millionaire methods for yourself ?

We have a fundamental strategy that we follow on every single signal that we send to our clients. It is a tried and tested method of analysing any Forex pair.

There are 4 professional traders working for our company and we all use the same method as do a lot of big time traders in the industry.

It is sent out in 3 separate videos which give you everything you need to setup your charts, pick out key resistance levels, draw important trend lines, use the FIBBONACCI method to analyse which way the market will swing and how to notice big changes in direction in the market.

If your not comfortable after watching all the videos we can give you 1on1 training online where we can take you through our chart analysis and take a look at yours and give you some advice.

We have a designated discussion group that you would be added to and can discuss this strategy with us, and others who are going to learn it for themselves. This is growing by the day and has like minded and experienced traders in it who all send in their own charts, analyse each others ideas and give advice on potential setups. A lot of people want to be part of this group and the knowledge that you learn is literally invaluable.

It can be learned by literally ANYONE with any amount of experience with our instructions but will require a little time on your part.

This learning strategy will give you the freedom to analyse any currency pair, setup the charts everyday yourself and will give you 100% trust and understanding that you will be making money day in day out.

Who Are We?

Copy Trade Profit are a group of traders who have several years of experience in the financial industry. Copy Trade Profit specialise in fundamental and technical analysis within the foreign exchange market. Our mission is to make share our knowledge and expertise with all of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a boiled down, simplified version of our vast amount of knowledge within the financial markets. CTP is comprised of talented traders whose main objective in life is to help others achieve success in their financial goals.

Technical Analysis

We use numerous amounts of data to assure the best direction within the market. With the use of our business fundamentals and technical analysis, CTP aim to pinpoint entry and exit points within the financial markets.

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