Simpler Trading – The Obnoxious Profit Strategy

Simpler Trading – The Obnoxious Profit Strategy

Simpler Trading – The Obnoxious Profit Strategy

Reveal how Raghee Horner banked “obnoxious” profits like $5,000 in foreign currency, $12,000 in futures, and $20,000 in bonds.

If you trade stocks, currencies, ETFs, or futures, you know that accurately reading charts is critical for consistent gains.

Now is your chance to gain next-level results with a strategy designed for traders of all account sizes. Discover how T.O.PS. delivers a simple solution to reading charts like a 30-year veteran trader who gets yields like these:

  • TLT – $20,000
  • Crude Oil – $12,000
  • Euro – $5,000

Raghee Horner, Managing Director of Futures at Simpler Trading, never had a losing year in over three decades trading the $5 trillion currency market. And she consistently catches the biggest trends each year using the same trend-following strategy.

What’s the secret to her success? She’s developed simple and intuitive tools to find high-probability trades on any chart. Finally, she’s revealing how it is possible to read any stock, ETF, future, or currency chart like a seasoned pro.

Are you constantly looking for precise “market-based” entries and exits?

Want to read charts like a “roadmap” so you can trade with confidence?

Want simple tools to let trades “come to you” so you avoid emotional impulse trades?

Raghee’s The Obnoxious Profit Strategy (T.O.P.S.) is designed to help you combine technical analysis and “big picture” market psychology to find strong setups. Raghee has relied on this same strategy for over 30 years. She began charting trades at age 15 when her mom encouraged her to invest 25 percent of her part-time paycheck. That inspiration helped Raghee discover the profit potential of precise charting and she never looked back.

The Obnoxious Profit Strategy is a lifelong accumulation of Raghee’s simple, precision methods for reading charts to identify profitable trend trades. Her favorite, little-known ways to apply simple charting tools are easy to follow, even for newer traders.

You will discover how Raghee adapted a tool that is six decades old to find high probability entries and exits. She won’t trade without this!

Traders with a modest or large trading account have the opportunity to take advantage of reading charts like a pro. The goal is to help develop consistent income and “obnoxious” gains while avoiding risk as much as possible.

In this exclusive T.O.P.S. training, Raghee reveals:

  • How to quickly read any chart like a 30-year pro
  • Raghee’s proprietary tools for identifying obnoxious profit opportunities
  • When to use which indicator (and when NOT TO!)
  • Learn to read critical price levels across all charts
  • How to avoid “buying tops and selling bottoms”
  • Raghee’s disciplined entry and exit strategies

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