Psych FX Academy

Psych FX Academy

Psych FX Academy Course: Learn How To Stop Making The Same Trading Mistakes, Increase Confidence, Competence & Make REAL Progress

Here’s how this works

First, I show you the last 10% you need to know.

Psych FX Academy Course includes:

  • A Deep Institutional Strategy that can be used on ANY timeframe
  • Full ‘Enhanced Wycoff’ Methodology simplified and more effective than the original.
  • How To Spot Manipulation BEFORE it Happens Which allows you to prepare to be on the right side of the market
  • The Exact Method I use to trade AGAINST retail traders and trade with larger flows of money – giving you confidence to know you’re trading with the big boys.
  • The best technique to stop making the same mistakes even when you feel like you can’t stop yourself. (The best part is it only takes three tries to master.)
  • An entire section on identifying and neutralizing trading mistakes like FOMO, overtrading, not holding trades, etc
  • Simple things you can do to overcome psychological difficulties with trading which are holding you back from reaching your potential.
  • One thing that sucks about most educators is they give you a strategy and leave you with it, not here. Each strategy comes with backtesting sessions to help you see me analyse and trade live. (and I’ll be adding backtesting videos each month so you can grow with me.)
  • You may have some questions when learning the content in this course, that’s natural. Luckily for you I’m hosting Q&As once every month as a minimum to answer your questions and help you overcome the obstacles you’re facing.
  • We have a growing community of members who trade one style, myself included. The community is where the real growth will happen and an area of support for times where you need it.
  • I’m going to top this all off by giving you journaling templates, self review templates, ATA (Advanced trade analysis) templates, the lot.
  • Full access to my customisable trading plan to fit your needs and personality types (I’ll also explain the best ways to do this)

All in all, we prepare for a few hours or much less each day, less is often more.

We practice, systemise, track and optimise. and MANAGE RISK.

This gives you the wisdom (and the best odds) to make real progress without all of the rollercoaster of emotions.

Unlike every other forex course out there we’ve dug deep into what makes a successful trader, & how to give yourself confidence in both your new winning strategy and yourself.

However, Psych FX Academy Course is NOT for people that want to:

  • Flip Accounts and “Make £30,000 in 10 seconds” etc…
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Learn a ‘Magic Strategy’
  • Expect results without putting in the work

Trading is a serious art, and should be taken seriously. I’ve seen many people regress in life because of bad trading habits. I’m talking about people moving back into their parents house, selling their cars, and giving away countless hours to a process they will never benefit from. (Usually just trading a random strategy they’ve learned without any of the proper tracking, data processing or anything close to it)

And that’s why I want you in this program, so you don’t end up in the same cycle I was stuck in. I’m saving you the time I’ll never have again.

Psych FX Academy Course Sneak Peak


  • Welcome! Here’s How To Use The Content In This Course
  • Community Access & Guide

Section 1: Laying Mental Foundations

  • Why 99% Of Traders Really Fail & Understanding Probabilities
  • My Trading Journey
  • The Trading Athlete
  • Win Rate Vs Risk Reward – The Reality
  • Risk Management
  • Less Chart Time = Faster Learning

Section 2: Institutional Supply & Demand

  • What Is Supply & Demand & How To Draw Zones
  • The 4 Scenarios and The 2 To Focus On
  • Identifying Displacement
  • Determining Zone Strength & Probability
  • How Long Are Zones Valid (Exact Timescales)
  • Done For You Supply & Demand Tool
  • More Examples Of Zones
  • Alternative If You’re Struggling With Supply & Demand
  • Troubleshooting & Getting More Specific
  • Homework

Section 3: Enhanced Wycoff (Simplified & Mapped)

  • Wycoff Is Overcomplicated, Let’s Take The Parts That Work
  • Old Vs New – The Enhanced Formula
  • Phase Identification
  • More Examples
  • Fractal Phases
  • Clean Only.
  • Wycoff = Momentum Shift: Simplified Further & Alternative Way To Mark Up
  • Homework

Section 3.5: A Beginner Friendly, Easy To Follow, Cookie Cutter System

  • Introduction: What this section is all about
  • Aggressive Structure
  • Market Structure Lesson (Antonio Student Session)
  • Basic Level Refinement
  • Entries Triggers & Customising Your Schedule
  • Summary & Simplification
  • How To Move Onto The Next Section(s) to AVOID Confusion & Boost Productivity

Section 4: Combining Supply & Demand And Enhanced Wycoff

  • Combining Phases With SD
  • Market Behaviour – Which Zone Will Respond?
  • Picking Timeframes
  • My Analysis Process Step by Step
  • Directional Bias #1 – Price Range Matrix
  • Advanced Directional Bias #2
  • Entries, Stop Loss & Target Placement
  • Building A Trading Plan
  • Time of day, Mastering Zones, More Tools You Can Use & Simplifying Entries
  • Scalping/Short Term Workflow
  • Live Analysis #1
  • Setup Breakdown #1
  • Homework
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: Watch Whenever You’re Overwhelmed Or Need Help
  • Goodbye Information Overload – Here’s What To Focus On
  • How To Focus, Work 1/10th of the time and get 10x The Results

Section 4.5 – Simplifying Everything, Putting The Knowledge Together, Dominating The Markets

  • Put Everything Together Simply + EXTREMELY Powerful Market Structure Lesson

Section 5: Success Processes

  • Introduction To Success Habits – Strategy Won’t Save You
  • How To Backtest Properly & Why Most FAIL At This Step
  • How To Journal Properly + Template
  • Self Review – The Secret Weapon + Templates
  • Advanced Trade Analysis + Template
  • The Iron Man CHALLENGE

Section 6: Mindset Mastery

  • How To Stop Making Psychological Mistakes
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Recommended Reading

Section 7: Limit Order Strategy

  • Full Strategy Breakdown

Section 8: Trade Breakdowns & Putting Everything together

  • Trade Breakdown & Simplicity Examples
  • Measuring The Leg – Market Bias
  • Filtering Bad Setups & Identifying Good Ones
  • Trade Breakdowns #2 – Ideal Setup Formation
  • EXTRA: Volume Profile
  • Step By Step Analysis – Put it all together
  • Creating A Daily Watchlist & How To Use It

Section 9: Beginner Friendly, Easier Strategy To Follow

  • Main Simplified Strategy Overview
  • More Examples & Going Over The Process

Community Backtests

  • Diego +20R Backtesting Session
  • 2nd Core Strategy Backtest 1: 15/08/21 – Part 1
  • 2nd Core Strategy Backtest 1: 15/08/21 – Part 2


  • Q&A #1 – 07.02.21
  • Q&A #2 – 16/02/21

Weekly Analysis

  • Analysis For Week Starting 08.03.21
  • Week Starting 14.03.21
  • Analysis 21.03.21
  • Week Starting 29.03.21
  • Week Starting 05.04.21
  • Week Starting 19.04.21
  • Week Starting 28.06.21
  • Weekly Analysis Starting 23.08.2021
  • FOLLOW UP Analysis – Week of 23.08.2021

Group Sessions

  • Session 1

1 on 1 Student Session Recordings

  • Understanding A Shift In Market Structure – Joe 1:1 Session

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