Simpler Trading – The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy

Simpler Trading – The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy

Simpler Trading – The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy

The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy Exploits Short-Term Option Income Opportunities With Strictly Limited Risk

In The Unbalanced Butterfly Strategy course, you can learn when to expect this move to happen.

Henry credits this ONE setup as the real “bread and butter” strategy within his daily trading plan.

If you want to crank out consistent income with the potential for larger gains, the Unbalanced Fly can be a powerful tool for your trading plan.

In this Exclusive Training You’ll Discover:

  • How to rig the odds in your favor so that you can profit even in a highly volatile market (just like recent winners in AMZN, GOOGL, and APPL)
  • How to exploit the fact that an Unbalanced Butterfly only faces risk from one direction (so you can win over and over because this strategy gives price room to breathe)
  • How to actively trade an Unbalanced Butterfly even if you can’t watch the market during the day (potentially generate steady income almost on ‘autopilot’)
  • How this strategy can provide steady growth and consistent income for even smaller accounts
  • Learn advanced “in the trenches” secrets on how to maximize profits while minimizing risk (and rookie mistakes you can easily avoid when you follow a simple checklist)
  • And a whole lot more…

Who is Henry Gambell?

Senior Managing Director of Options Trading

Henry is known as the absolute “zen master” when it comes to trading. He provides the cool, calm, and collected side of trading — a side most traders struggle with for years. That’s what makes him so invaluable as the Lead Content Provider and options trading mentor. He brings a patient, analytical approach to the market.

Henry is the Vice President of Simpler Trading and can be found in the Live Trading Chatroom. He has a knack for breaking down hard to understand macro topics to a finite, easy to digest, micro level.

During his sessions, he focuses heavily on scanning for new setups, managing open trades, and patiently and methodically walking traders through new trade ideas.

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