Simpler Trading – Phoenix Finder

Simpler Trading – Phoenix Finder

With the Phoenix Finder Tool and Strategy, it becomes clear at a glance which stocks are ripe for a rally and which are ready to drop like a rock.

What You’ll Get:

  • How to identify ‘hidden strength’ Phoenix stocks that are ready to rally. These stocks offer buyers explosive profit potential. These are the stocks that destroy short sellers.
  • How to expose ‘weak link’ stocks poised to drop like rocks. Don’t buy! These stocks are the ‘dying Phoenix’ in their group. They offer amazing potential for short sellers.
  • How to quickly identify which stocks to target (and which to avoid). It is critical to choose options setups AFTER knowing whether money is flowing in or out of a symbol.
  • How to know which options setup to use for maximum profit potential with limited risk. This allows you to trade with confidence and objectivity instead of guessing.
  • How part-time traders with smaller accounts can reliably grow their balance by swimming with the ‘big money flow’ (and NOT against).
  • Danielle’s easy to follow Phoenix Finder research process. Know exactly how to identify stocks and ETFs with hidden strength (or weakness) so you can create your custom watchlist.
  • How to get ready to follow Danielle’s strategy. You get a step-by-step downloadable PDF Phoenix Finder Setup Guide for quick and easy reference.
  • How to instantly duplicate Danielle’s exact workspace layout. This is a massive time-saver! You do not have to wonder how to set up your charts. Just install her layout in your trading platform (currently available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation).

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